Cadiz lost to Barcelona at the Nou Camp

In the previous match, Barcelona lost 3-2 to Eintracht Frankfurt in the second leg of the last eight of the Europa League. Xavi’s team left after falling behind 4-3 with two legs. This time in La Liga, they had to lose to Cadiz at home. Memphis Dipai-Dembelera left the field after losing the match by the only goal of the second half at the New Camp.

In fact, in the last four matches in front of Cিজdiz, Barcelona could not take advantage. Cadiz has won both. The other two have been drawn.

After seven consecutive wins in La Liga, the Catalans got a bitter taste of defeat. And Kadiz got the first victory in the new camp.

Barcelona did not reduce their attack from 75 percent ahead in possession of the ball at the Nou Camp. Dembele alone wastes a few chances. None of his shots were aimed. Cadiz also played energetic football with 25 percent possession of the ball. He scored the winning goal in 48 minutes.

Goalkeeper Thirteen Stegen was unable to make the third attempt after two consecutive attempts by Kadiz. Shake the net from the Perez post. ..........

Cadiz lost to Barcelona at the Nou Camp

Barcelona is in the second place with 60 points in 31 matches. Sevilla and Atletico Madrid are in the next two places with equal points. Although both teams have played more than one match.

And Real Madrid is at the top with 75 points in 32 matches.

Cadis. With 32 points in 32 matches, he has risen to 16th position. For now, they are not in fear of relegation.

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