Brazil is changing the policy of ‘no one but Brazilians’ in hiring coaches?

The coach of Brazil will be Brazilian, Argentina Argentina. Why only the two superpowers of South America, the superpowers like Spain, Italy, Portugal, France in Europe have always found one of the local coaches in search of national team coaches.

Foreign coaches in the national team that hurts their pride!
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However, Brazil is coming out of that trend! After the World Cup in Qatar, Neymar will no longer have a coach, that’s for sure. The search for his replacement has begun. However, this time the eyes of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) are not fixed on Brazil.

CBF president Ednaldo Rodriguez has said that Brazil’s next coach must be a Brazilian.
No matter what Brazil does in the World Cup, it is certain that there will be no more Brazil coaches.

Then who is coming in charge, there is no end to the speculation! A few days ago, the name of Spanish coach Pep Guardiola of Manchester City was heard quite loudly. Although Guardiola said at the time, there are many good coaches in Brazil to coach. The Guardiola-Brazil buzz has subsided in the last few days.

He will not be the coach of Brazil after the World Cup

But now I understand that the time has come to rumble the buzz! This morning, Turkish journalist Ekrem Connor said that Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus is on the short list to be the coach of Brazil. The 6-year-old Jesus, who was sacked from his second term at Benfica last December, had previously coached in Portugal.

Notable among them are Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. Benfica has won ten titles in the first leg, including the league three times in six years, and two cups in Sporting

However, the name of Jesus is being heard more and more in the run of the Brazilian coach, his extraordinary year at the Brazilian club Flamengo! Jesus Flamengo has won the Brazilian League, the South American Club Trophy Copa Libertadores, the Brazilian Supercup, the Continental Supercup all in one year. FIFA Club World Cup runners-up!

The buzz around Jesus is getting louder and louder because of the buzz around that day. CBF President Ednaldo Rodriguez has said, “There is no rule that (Titus’ successor) must be a Brazilian. As he has to be a foreign coach, there are no hard and fast rules. I will talk about this after the end of the World Cup.

Brazil has opened the door for foreign coaches, after the news that the rumors surrounding Guardiola will be heard again! Earlier, the Spanish daily Marca also wrote that Rodriguez had offered Guardiola to be the coach. But a month ago, Rodriguez, the CBF president-elect for a four-year term, reiterated that he had not made such an offer to Guardiola.

“Guardiola is a coach who always wants to win, there is nothing new about him. Players, coaches have done great in both roles. However, the CBF or its president has not given any permission to try to get Guardiola as the coach of the Brazilian team, ”said Rodriguez.

There has been so much talk about the Brazilian coach since Tito’s announcement. In an interview on February 25, Tito said he would no longer be Brazil’s coach after the World Cup. He said the same thing again after the Qatar World Cup group stage draw in April. However, he said that he wants a Brazilian as his successor.

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