Brazil-Argentina need more to play in the European Nations League

Brazil-Argentina need more to play in the European Nations League

The news was heard last December. It’s been a few years since UEFA introduced the League of Nations instead of the meaningless friendly match outside of the FIFA and UEFA tournaments, but there are no such tournaments on the continents outside of it. In December, the vice-president of the European governing body (UEFA) and legendary Polish footballer Gbiniu Boniyak announced plans to join the League of Nations with South American teams such as Brazil and Argentina to further attract the League of Nations.

But who is benefiting more? According to UEFA President Alexander Seferin, South American teams, including Brazil and Argentina, are expected to benefit from the opportunity to play in the League of Nations.

Last December, Gbinu Boniyek told Polish media in Mexico that 10 members of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) from the 2024 edition of the League of Nations would take part in the tournament.

Brazil-Argentina need more to play in the European Nations League

Ceferin was asked in an interview published today in the Spanish sports daily AS about the possibility of South American (Conmebol) teams playing in the League of Nations. The head of the European Football Regulatory Authority (UEFA) replied, ‘Yes, there is a possibility. However, we have not been able to go very far yet. We have an office in London (together with Conmebol) and have started working together. ‘

The first crop of the match will be seen on June 1. Wembley will face last Euro champions Italy and Copa America champions Argentina. UEFA and Conmebol have agreed to host the La La Finalisima match for four consecutive years until 2026.

Apart from this, the two continental football governing bodies are also working on the exchange of referees, which was seen during the Copa America and Euro last year. Spanish referee Gil Mansano blew the whistle for the Copa Am ম্যাrica, while Argentine referee Fernando Andres Rapayini was the referee for the three-match Euros.

“I think it’s going to be great,” said Seferin, referring to the possibility of seeing Latin teams in the League of Nations in the wake of such an initiative. European and South American teams (outside the World Cup) no longer have the opportunity to play each other that way, because the League of Nations does not have the opportunity to host friendly matches

Who will benefit more if a team like Brazil-Argentina plays in the League of Nations? The UEFA president thinks that the profit is more for the Latin parties. “Before the World Cup, the big teams in Europe want to play Brazil, Argentina and so on. (League of Nations) matches are more profitable for South American teams because there are more quality teams in Europe. Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Belgium … the list goes on. In South America, the team is ten, of which four are strong and two are very strong. Maybe their profit is more, but we also want it to be. ‘

Earlier in December, ESPN’s Dale Johnson gave a chart of which teams will play in which quality league after the news of Latin teams playing in the League of Nations. He tweeted, “The big six teams in South America, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Chile will join League A (top tier).” The other four, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, will join League ‘B’.

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