Brazil-Argentina match canceled

The friendly match between Brazil and Argentina was scheduled to take place on June 11 at the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. The bad news for fans is that the match has been canceled.

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On Wednesday, the Brazilian Football Association’s sports coordinator Juninho Palista confirmed that Melbourne’s friendly match was no longer taking place. He could not confirm whether it will happen in the future.

Earlier, the Brazilian Football Association had promised to play the match, but there was discomfort in the Argentina camp.

Argentina, who won the Copa America, will face Euro-winning Italy on June 1 at Wembley Stadium in England. After playing that match, Messi is scheduled to play a friendly match against Israel on June 7.

After that, Argentina would get only four days break to play the match in Brazil. Since it is a friendly match, the Argentine Football Association has not confirmed whether they will play the match.

Finally, the announcement of the cancellation of the match came from Brazil. Brazil will also play against South Korea and Japan next month. As a result, their players have to think about rest.

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