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 Are you fond of bongs? Do you think bongs are a bit heavy on your pocket? Do not worry. At The Bong Warehouse, there is a variety of bongs for sale. Another common way to smoke is by using a joint. If you are a smoker, you may already have heard of joints. But are they worth it? Which one is a better option to have a fantastic experience? The bong or the joint? Do not worry. We will look at it, but let us make it clear that it all comes down to what you prefer. 

Bongs vs Joints- The Tools

It may come off as a surprise, but it is not just the different smoking experience but also the tools and the method. Bongs and joints are used for the same purpose but in different ways. What is expected in both approaches is that they both need a grinder at the beginning. To enjoy a smooth smoking experience, you need to have a grinder or an alternative that you can use in place of the grinder. The tools that are a must-have to smoke a joint are a basic grinder, or an alternative, scissors, papers that can roll, some poking objects, a filter block, or you can also go with a piece that is not too thick and not too thin. Confused? It should be just thicker than a printer paper. And yes, do not forget the lighter. When it comes to bongs, you need a grinder, some pipe screens, the bong, water, something to clean the bowl and a lighter. 

Bongs vs Joints- Which is a better method?

When it comes to smoking, there is no better method. If you are a pro smoker, all you care about is which way will get you higher. Isn’t it right? If you have been smoking, you know the answer, and you will not be reading this blog. But if you have read it till now, we suspect you are new to this. Let us break it to you: It is the bong! Yes, you read it right. Bongs help you get pretty high and higher than a joint. One of the main differences is that it generates the same effect. You need less weed to get high when it comes to the bong. For a joint, you need excess weed.

Bongs vs Joints- Which one is healthier?

It is funny if you are an avid smoker and looking for the health benefits of smoking. But do not worry. We still have something to share. When it comes to which one is healthier, the bong wins in this one too. Now you must wonder how it is possible when both are smoking methods? It is because the water in the bong filters out the harmful substances! Some bongs even have two filters which makes them immensely efficient. When it comes to joints, you cannot help but smoke harmful substances. It is highly toxic. Now that you know which one is better, visit us and get your hands on your favourite bong!

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