Bite Turbos – The Secret To The Perfect Smile

Bite turbos have been around for over ten years and are one of the most frequently asked about dental products by patients. There are several reasons that bite turbos have remained popular over the years, including their practicality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness. The main purpose of bite turbos is to help straighten teeth, but it’s important to understand that they’re not an alternative to braces or other orthodontic treatment options; rather, they can be used as an additional support system to promote natural teeth movement in order to reach orthodontic goals faster and easier.


3 Great Reasons To Invest In A Set Of Bite Turbos

  1. Helps with proper tongue placement and helps to avoid a tongue thrust reflex.
  2. Acts as a crib for the teeth, which encourages correct alignment and discourages crowding.
  3. Gently molds the lower jaw into a more desirable position.


How Bite Turbo’s Work

Do you ever wonder how some people always have the perfect smile, even when they’re eating? It’s because they’re using bite turbos! Bite turbos are a tongue crib that helps keep your tongue in place while you eat, so you don’t accidentally bite your own tongue or teeth. They also help direct food to the back of your mouth, so you can chew more evenly and avoid getting food stuck in your teeth. Plus, they help keep your mouth closed so you don’t drool or make any funny faces while you’re eating!


5 Tips For Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to choosing the right size bite turbo, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, take into account the size of your mouth. If you have a small mouth, you’ll want to go with a smaller size. Second, think about how much space you have between your teeth. If you have gaps, you’ll want to choose a size that will fill them in. Third, consider your tongue. If you have a tongue crib, you’ll want to make sure the bite turbo doesn’t interfere with it. Fourth, pay attention to how the bite turbo feels when you wear it. It should be comfortable and not cause any pain. Finally, listen to your dentist’s recommendation. They know what’s best for your smile! What is the purpose of bite turbos? Bite turbos are used as an orthodontic device to help open up your jaw or spaces in between teeth. Bite turbos also provide extra protection against tooth decay. In order to get the perfect smile, it is important to have these extra tools because they help provide stability by filling in spaces where there may be no natural tooth structure present.


6 Simple Steps For Better Dental Health

  1. Schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings. This is important in order to catch any problems early and keep your teeth healthy.
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Be sure to use a toothpaste with fluoride in it.
  3. Floss every day. This helps remove plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and under your gum line.
  4. Eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary snacks. Eating healthy foods will help keep your teeth strong. Avoiding sugary snacks will help prevent cavities.
  5. Use mouthwash daily. This can help reduce plaque and bacteria in your mouth.
  6. Wear a tongue crib at night if you grind your teeth


Get That Winning Smile Without Going Under The Knife

Looking for a way to get a winning smile without going under the knife? Bite turbos may be just what you need. These devices are designed to improve your bite and give you the perfect smile. Here’s how they work

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