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Best Teeth Whitening for Spas: How to Get the Perfect Smile

If you run or own a spa, then you know how important

If you run or own a spa, then you know how important it is to have clients leave your establishment with the perfect white smile. At our dental practice, we offer teeth whitening as an add-on during every visit, in order to keep our patients’ smiles bright and beautiful. Here are five tips on how to do teeth whitening at your spa without sacrificing quality.

Quick Guide

Step 1) The first step in getting your teeth whitened is making sure you are getting a treatment that won’t harm your enamel. Some treatments contain bleach and could damage your teeth and gums. Step 2) If you want whiter teeth, but don’t want to get professional treatment, there are some at-home treatments available. However, they may not be able to provide as much of a change in color as a dentist can. Most people should start with at-home remedies because they will give results almost immediately. Aestheticians recommend using one at home treatment per day until desired results are achieved before considering professional treatment. For example, if you have stubborn stains from coffee or wine, try using Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste ($4) for about three weeks. You can also use toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide (this is what dentists use), such as Colgate Advanced Whitening Plus Scope Mint Toothpaste ($3).

Brighten Up Braces

When kids get braces, they’re forced to use trays for about two years that don’t allow them to eat or drink some of their favorite foods. One way people have come up with to avoid having gummy or yellow teeth when their treatment is done is by getting professional teeth whitening from a dental spa. If you need best teeth whitening for spas near me help or have any questions, call your dentist or search online and you’ll find plenty of answers and resources at your fingertips. It’s important not only that you find a good dental spa but also one in your area so that you can schedule convenient appointments. For your convenience, contact us today. We are located in, CA and offer free consultations for potential clients. You will be able to speak with our friendly staff who will answer all of your questions before we even start work on your teeth! We know how nerve-wracking it can be going into a new place, so let us make this experience as pleasant as possible! We’ve found through experience that most patients are thrilled after seeing their results because we pride ourselves on giving everyone a beautiful smile!

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Brighten Up with Invisalign

Are you looking to get a brighter smile? Many people are turning towards whitening kits as an easy and effective way to improve their smiles. Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without having something physically attached them. These whitening trays also offer superior whitening power than other products, so you can be sure that your smile will be bright and beautiful after wearing them. The best part of Invisalign is how simple they are. To use them, all you need to do is wear them when you’re doing things that won’t interfere with them (like sleeping). This means they are far more convenient than toothpaste or strips, which require regular application in order for their effects to last long enough. Best of all, these trays come at a fraction of the cost!

Invisalign offers the best teeth whitening for spas out there! If you want to have a whiter and brighter smile, but don’t want anything permanent attached to your teeth this product is perfect for you. The great thing about these trays is that it’s easy-to-use; just put them on every day while not engaging in any activities where they would come off. Another wonderful aspect about this product is that it doesn’t break the bank like traditional teeth whiteners often do. It’s definitely worth giving these teeth whiteners from invisalign a try!

Brighten Up with Veneers

Veneers are a good option if you have relatively healthy teeth, but your smile needs a touch-up. The procedure is generally quick and comfortable and will give you results that are similar to whitening. Veneers are placed on top of your own teeth, so there’s no risk of damaging them or causing tooth sensitivity in any way. And because veneers can be made using composite materials or porcelain, they can match the natural appearance of your teeth perfectly—no one will know they aren’t your real ones! To see how veneers can transform your smile, contact a cosmetic dentist near you today. You may not realize it now, but with a little help from our dental experts, you could find yourself looking forward to smiling all day long.

Brighten Up with Teeth Whitening Pens

There’s a reason why teeth whitening pens are increasing in popularity. They’re easy to use, effective and painless. There is no need for any messy substances – simply apply it directly onto your teeth and get rid of those yellow stains instantly. In fact, some of these whiteners can be used while you’re on-the-go – perfect if you want to start smiling with confidence straight away! And unlike other whiteners, there are very few risks associated with using these pens. Another great advantage is that there is no down time at all – your new smile will be ready within minutes! What’s more, most brands offer a free trial period or money back guarantee so you don’t have anything to lose. So if you want whiter teeth fast, then choose one of these best teeth whitening for spas today! If you have any questions about which product might suit your needs, feel free to contact us here.


Brighten Up at Home

The two fastest ways to whiten your teeth at home are with whitening toothpaste and DIY charcoal. Since most of us don’t use charcoal on a daily basis, let’s look at toothpaste. There are some great over-the-counter toothpastes out there, but if you want real brightness, you need an activated charcoal paste. If a product says whitens as seen on TV, it probably contains activated charcoal and/or peroxide—two ingredients that will really lighten up your smile. A few brands we recommend include Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous WhiteTM Luminous Pearls Toothpaste ($4) and Activated Charcoal Powder for Teeth Whitening by Dr. Mercola($7). After brushing, rinse well and spit out the excess paste so you don’t leave any behind in your mouth. And please do not swallow! When it comes to what time of day is best for using these products, the answer is simple: morning. Brushing before bed can also be helpful since people tend to drink less water during sleep and plaque can build up during this time.

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