Facebook promised to remove the offensive post

Facebook authorities have promised to take immediate action to remove provocative posts aimed at militancy, terrorism and sectarianism, including offensive images and information on Buy Facebook Followers UK.

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A high-level delegation from Facebook (META) made the assurance during a courtesy call on Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar at the Bangladesh Secretariat on Wednesday.

However,The three-member Facebook delegation was led by Simon Milner, the organization’s vice president for public policy in the Asia-Pacific region.

However,The other members of the delegation are Facebook’s Public Policy Affairs Officer for Bangladesh, Sabnam Rashid Dia, and Ms. Rozao.

However,Secretary of Posts and Telecommunications. Khalilur Rahman and BTRC Director General Brigadier General Nasim Parvez were present on the occasion.

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Mustafa Jabbar told the delegation at the time that Facebook was being used to spread rumors of militancy, terrorism and sectarianism in Bangladesh and creating anarchy and social unrest.

However,He drew the attention of Facebook to look into the matter in particular and suggested the use of artificial

intelligence to remove objectionable data and ensure the identity of the users as well as to set up a Facebook office in Bangladesh.

Mustafa Jabbar, a pioneer of digital technology development, highlighted various aspects of the 2016 bilateral meeting with Facebook in Barcelona, ​​

saying that the interaction with Facebook has progressed as expected in the past few days and continues to do so. Human attachment is spread through social media.Buy Facebook Followers

However,He mentioned that Facebook is providing submarine cable connection in many parts of the world. The Minister attached special importance to the issue of community standards of Facebook in the context of Bangladesh.

However,Mustafa Jabbar briefed the delegation on the progress being made in the digital technology sector in the continuation of building a digital

Bangladesh under the visionary and wise leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Following this, Bangladesh is a role model for the world today. Apart from this, various issues related to OTP guidelines and mutual interests came up for discussion.

The leader of the delegation assured to consider the existing issues of Facebook with utmost importance.

The delegation lauded the role of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications in the development of digital infrastructure including broadband network expansion in Bangladesh,

However,further expansion of Forge mobile network in 98% of the country, launch of FiveG and auction of Five-G spectrum.

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