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Digital Marketing Plan of Millennials

Digital Marketing Plan of Millennials

Who are the millennials, and why should (Buy Facebook followers)you include in your marketing strategy? According to various researchers, millennials are born between 1980 and 2000.

Today, this generation comprises around 25percent of the population of the United States, 22% in Canada, 35 percent in Mexico, and 30% of the population of Chile and various other Latin American countries.

It is believed that the Millennials generation is often known as” the Peter Pan generation. Some prefer to live with their parents rather than live independently, which gives them more buying ability than their parents.

Today’s youth are optimistic and educated about passion topics, but they may or might not be following current events.

They are open to diversity, are more accepting, and are less dedicated to their work. It isn’t easy to inspire and keep their attention and keep them. For them, time off is crucial.

This is why it’s common for them to search for alternative employment opportunities that allow them to change their traditional jobs to experience new things such as learning and travel.

They are often attracted to the brands they like, and their influencers significantly influence their lives. At home and work, they can be influential in any decision-making process.

How do you communicate with millennials?

To connect with Generation Y, you need to be where they are. The study through the Google Consumer Barometer gives us essential guidelines for connecting with them.

  • We can affirm that the young aren’t online but online based on this study.
  • 90% of people are online every day.
  • 75% of them stay connected through their smartphones and laptops.
  • 55% of people use 55% use the InternetInternet to find details about products and services.
  • 20% think YouTube is more fascinating than TV.
  • 50% connect in a social setting with friends regularly through social media.
  • One out of 10 people stayed updated on the latest products and services through advertisements.

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What do millennials buy?

Generation Y isn’t typically impulsed consumers, but they purchase in the “intelligent and educated” method. They are interested in knowing.

They use multiple devices and begin looking for information using their smartphones. The initial search is typically general.

Not focused on brands leading to the search results being a mix of multinational and local companies.

To verify the various alternatives, they seek authenticity in the data. Their friends’ opinions and the influencers who follow the social media networks.

Online testimonials are more important to them than the information they obtain from ads.

They’re not avid readers of magazines or newspapers; however, they are great video content users, in particular videos.

What Can Your Digital Marketing Plan Attract Millennials?

The first and most important thing is that you need to be online, and your website must be mobile-friendly. Additionally, there are a few easy guidelines to adhere to:

Create a quality website

The core of any digital plan should be your website design, where you present your unique value offer. It would help if you highlighted what makes your website stand out from your competition.

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The reasons they should select your business over others. A well-designed website can allow you to reach out to your users in a meaningful way.

Be a part of Social Networks.

Social networks are the newest buzzword in the current world. The millennial generation is keen to form and keep relationships with friends. Especially in areas where their opinions are valued.

This is why your company must be active on social media. Engage users and share information that appeals to the people you want to reach. Use content that entices users to engage and share with others, solicit opinions, and, particularly.

Request testimonials and conduct surveys. You’ll be amazed to discover that millennials are keen to take part and feel valued. Be sure to respond to any questions they have.

By doing this, you can build solid connections among your fans. Which social media platforms should you pick? It depends on the service or product you provide.

A quick guide to help you with this regard is provided in the article “Social Networks: Why should you use them for the business world?”

Create Video Content

The consensus is that millennials prefer to watch instead of reading. According to research from the agency Pixability the generation’s natives are responsible for more than 1,500 million visits per day to video sites. 40% of Millennials are avid viewers of videos about subjects they’re passionate about.

68% of them realize that they typically look at videos that provide information on products before buying the item. Most Generation Y is familiar with the need to search for information by themselves as they were raised with two parents working.

They greatly appreciate instructional videos, particularly the “do-it-yourself” videos. Live videos like Facebook’s streaming grow in popularity and fans with each passing day.

Recently, Facebook reported that these videos have a higher level of engagement and 10-fold more feedback thanks to the real-time connection between the users.

Establish loyalty programs and provide special discounts

It is important to remember that millennials prefer to be part of a group and receive individualized attention. They are loyal customers when they feel value in what they have received and can define it as having a pleasant shopping experience.

This doesn’t only originate from the item or service that they’ve bought but could also include the worth of other elements like free information or content or rewards for their loyalty.

They are enthralled by coupons or any customized promotions they can receive. Businesses like Groupon and several other loyalty programs have had tremendous growth.


This generation is becoming more significant to every business. In addition, their involvement within businesses is growing; however. Their ability to influence and make purchases and enjoy an increase in purchasing power is increasing similarly.

The way they search for information is on the internet, For they consider their phone an extension of them as is Google is their ally. It is not a secret that Millennials have changed how both B2B and B2C businesses are looking at their marketing strategies.

If you’re looking to succeed, you must consider this demographic and their demands as their buying and decision-making capabilities continue to increase.

Are you in need of our assistance in drafting a marketing strategy to appeal to the millennial generation? If yes, then contact us to discuss your ideas.


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