Best Method To Fix Canon 5B00 Error

Error5B00 indicates that the printer’s counter has detected that the ink absorption is either almost full or full. The counter must be reset to zero to fix the 5B00 error on the Canon printer. Resetting Canon Printer:

  1. Turn on service mode for the printer.
  2. Reset using the Service tool/ Resetter software
  3. Restart the printer

Canon printers are available in many series. canon error code 5b00 To enter Service Mode, each series uses a different method. Follow each step below.

Canon Printer Service Mode

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Hold down the Resume/Stop key on the printer.
  3. Hold down the Power button and then release Resume/Stop.
  4. Holding down the power button, push the Resume/Stop key 5 (five times) times.
  5. Next, release the power button and the Resume/Stop buttons simultaneously.
  6. Now, the printer is in the Service Mode.

These steps apply to the Canon IP series.

Reset using Service Tool / Resetter Software

To use the Printer you must enter the following information: Service Mode To reset the printer, use the Service Tool. We will be using the Canon Service Tool V3400 to support many Canon Printer types.

  1. Download Canon Service Tool V3400.
  2. Run the Service Tool.exe program.
  3. Choose the USB port number that you want to connect from the USBPORT.
  4. Ink Absorber Counter section. Select MAIN from the Absorber pull-down menu.
  5. Select the counter value (%) pull-down menu. Set the counter to the mainboard and click SET.
  6. To verify that the value was correctly set to the EPROM, print the EEPROM information status.

If the canon support code 5b00 continues to appear on your printer, you can use this guide to restart it.

This article will explain three possible solutions to the 5B00 error message that appears on multifunction and regular canon printers.

What does Canon error code 5B00 mean This indicates that your waste ink counter is overflowing. You will need to reset the Canon Waste Ink Counter. The printer blinks three times, such as the orange light seven times. You can also choose from Orange or Power Green.

This is a Canon printer Waste ink counter overflowing. You will need to reset.

How to fix the Canon 5B00 error

Canon printer ink cartridges tend to have more ink spills than usual. Ink cartridges that are properly installed and maintained by the ink system install continuously. This is a regular 5B00 error message.

Canon printer is a top-of-the-line printer. It uses the continuous Ink System to print on multiple models. There are some problems with them, and we’ll show you how you can fix them.

It is cost-saving and also very efficient to install a continuous Ink System. There are some downsides to this system. For example, if the cartridge is regularly made to print 200 pages, the Continuous Ink System’ll cause the printer not to print this amount.

Additionally, CISS can cause ink spillage in printers. The printing pads will become full and you will get the 5B00 Error Code. This article will show you how to resolve this issue and allow you to continue printing.

Possible solutions:

It is important to take your time and learn as many solutions as possible.

We are available to help you by leaving a comment.

Canon Printer error 5B00: How to Fix it

First steps to fix Canon 5B00 errors:

First, we’ll show you how set the original factory settings on your printer. You will not be focusing on issues with the ink pads, but rather on the printer as a whole. This will fix all problems that may be present in your model of Canon printer, including the ink pad situation.

It is important to turn off your printer before you begin the procedure.

This first process is used by both multifunction and regular printers. However, the button to this post can be found for any type of printer with or without Inkjet. After you have completed the above, your printer’s name should have the words “copy1” connected to it on your PC. 

Step 1: Hold the stop/reset button down.

Step 2: While you are holding the stop/reset key down, turn on your stop/reset. This will turn the printer back on.

Step 3: To turn off the stop/reset key, press it twice more in a row with light tapping motions. Do not forget to press the on/off button while you do this.

Step 4: Now, press all the keys down and wait until your screen is completely blank.

Step 5: Hold the stop/reset button for 5 seconds, and then tap the on/off key twice quickly.

The second way to fix Canon 5B00 errors:

This tutorial works well with multifunction printers. This can be done by the printer running in service mode. Make the printer believe that the ink absorber pad has been empty.  Please do so because it contains ink.

Put a napkin on the ink and leave it there for a while. It will attract as much ink and clean up the deposit.

Step 1: First, turn your canon multifunction printer on. This is because we can directly work on the printer settings and will be working with it throughout the whole process.

Step 2: Second, press the menu button on the printer.

Step 3: Now turn your canon-printer on service mode. You must press the SCAN COPY, COPY and SCAN buttons exactly in this order.

Step 4: Hold the + key down until you reach the COUNTY ACCESS option. Once you have reached the COUNTY AESS option, press OK.

Step 5: A page counter will appear on the screen of your printer. The number indicates the total pages printed. Are you concerned that it is too many?

Step 6: Click the OK button.

Step 7: Click the COPY button.

Step 8: Press OK to lower the score.

Step 9: Use the +symbol again to navigate to the menu. Once you see SCAN PAGE COUNT, stop. To erase the score from the page counter of our canon printer, which is only in service mode, set this counter to zero.

Step 10: Navigate the menu slowly to reach the ABSM DON’T COUNT option.

Step 11. Press the stop/reset after everything else has been lowered.

Step 12: Turn your printer off, then turn it back on by pressing the on/off button.

When the VALID KEY message appears at the end, you can cut the power cable and reconnect it.

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