Best Instagram Analytics tools in 2022

Picuki is one of the best instagram tool.

What do you know about your Instagram marketing strategy? Do you know which stories or posts
generated the most engagement over a week of posting? Instagram analytics is a great way to find out
the answer to these questions.

Instagram analytics, if you don’t know what it is, allows you to test the performance of your posts and
your entire profile. IG Analytics is used by smart businesses to measure various metrics and test the
potential for their posts. You can use analytics data to gain valuable insights to improve your Instagram
Marketing. Apart from this picuki is one of the best tool for using instagram without login.

So how can you get analytics on Instagram without having an analytics dashboard for the platform?
This article will cover the two main ways that you can access Instagram analytics. It also includes the
best tools to track Instagram metrics relevant to your goals.

The Best Instagram Analytics Applications

Because of the huge size of Instagram, and the variety of metrics it offers, it’s often a good idea to have
a range of analytics tools. This article will introduce you to the 15 best Instagram analytics tools


Squarelovin is the only tool that provides free Instagram tool. You can access it to view a monthly
analysis and growth of your posts, as well as a history of content, broken down by hourly, day, month, or
year. You can also get insights into your audience’s preferences or interests and the best and worst
times to post.

You can even find the best hashtags to use and filters depending on which posts have been most
received by your followers.


This is a freer Instagram analytics tool. It helps you to watch your top-performing posts, and generate
content ideas. Pixlee offers intuitive reporting that gives you weekly performance reports. Additionally,
it allows you to search for social media influencers as well as connect with advocates writing about your

It also allows for hashtag tracking and stats. You can identify your most interesting content and track
growth among Instagram users.


Later, an Instagram analytics tool will allow you to increase your business’s reach by helping you
improve your IG marketing strategy. Linkin bio allows you to connect your Instagram posts and URLs to
specific URLs. Your Instagram profile can track click-through, page views, website clicks, and page clicks.
This allows you to see how many sales that particular post generated.

Later does offer a complimentary plan for individuals but it offers paid packages that will provide you
with access to IG analytics, such as Insta Story insights.
Price: As low as $9 per month could be another tool to analyze Instagram. can create PDF reports that give insights
about metrics such as the growth of your followers and engagement rates on posts and profiles. It also
shows you popular photo filters and other data. You can also export your data to a beautiful format,
which will help you keep others informed about your Instagram marketing efforts. provides a free trial of 14 days, which you can extend upon request. This allows you to try it
for free and make sure it’s the right Instagram stats app for you. what exactly is it? is an Instagram Story Viewer that enables users to watch IG Stories in the highest possible quality, including 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Anyone may use this software. is currently the greatest tool available for viewing Instagram stories since it offers a greater number of remarkable features than other applications that do the same function. does not need any other software in order to function. While our servers are processing each request, you may browse the Instagram stories of other users while being completely anonymous. Users are not required to pay any fees to utilize our service. You are not restricted in any way when using IGStoryDownloader to see Instagram stories. To watch Instagram stories, place the Instagram username in the input box on the homepage and hit enter.  IG Story Viewer will fetch the user’s IG Stories for you to watch.

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