Best Destinations In The World To See The Northern Lights?

Truth be told, not all were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to live where the breathtaking Northern Lights are. However, because of travel and the gift of airplanes, everyone has a chance to see them on their own, if they just know where to go. Considered as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Northern Lights is truly a display of majestic art in the wide canvas that is the sky. If you are craving to do something different, why not take the whole family or squad and go on a northern lights holiday that is truly one for the books?  Instagram would be the perfect platform to share those beautiful moments of your trip. Establish a strong digital presence with effective strategies and minimal effort – buy instagram followers.

Northern lights, or commonly known as Aurora Borealis in the North or Aurora Australis in the South are bright, beautiful dancing lights that happen when the electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere which is also filled with gaseous charged particles. These lights appear on the magnetic poles of both the north and south pole and can extend for about 80 to 640 kilometers above the surface of the earth. 

So where are the best places to be in in order to witness such a magical display of nature’s wonder?  Did you know that the best places in the world to look at lights are those who are closer to the Arctic Circle? For the best possible outcome, it is best to time your trip when there is a new moon and to settle in a place where there are no clouds. 

Still not sure where to begin? Here are some of the best places in the world that you can go to to see the Northern Lights. 


Alaska is considered to be in the Aurora oval – this is where the lights are almost always seen. Boarding an Alaskan cruise to see the lights is just an experience that you can enjoy. Besides, the lights look more amazing as they reflect on clear water. Aboard the ships are experts from the National Park Service which can give you clear details and information regarding what you are witnessing. It is best to go to Alaska from late August up to mid-April.

Another way to view the Northern Lights in a unique way is to view the aurora borealis. There is such a thing as “Vacations By Rail” which gives you the chance to tour the region while enjoying the view of lights. 


When in Sweden, it is highly recommended that you book accommodations in Sweden’s northernmost town which is Kiruna. Just a short drive from the heart of the town and you can already view the Aurora. One bonus thing that you can see here are reminders. 

One other destination in Sweden that you can go to is the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa. This breathtaking accommodation is floating on top of the Lule River. The rooms are warm and cozy which makes for a perfect temperature for viewing the lights.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Treehotel in northern Sweden. These are modern tree houses hidden in the pines. These room accommodations give you a panoramic view of the lights making it a perfect spot to be in.


Famous for their glass igloos, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a famous destination in Finland. Through your glass roof, you can view the beautiful lights in the comfort of your room which includes a private sauna and even a fireplace.


Considered by some as an aurora viewing paradise, Canada is among the best destinations to go to view the Northern Lights. This is also due to the fact that it has low light pollution. You can see the lights almost anywhere in Alberta, Canada, however, they are best viewed in Jasper National Park which is also known as the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

Yukon Canada also raves with the glow from the aurora borealis wherein the best time to go there is between August up to the middle of April. The next thing that you should check out in Yukon is the Northern Lights Resort and Spa. Their queen-size bed was made for optimal viewing of the lights. 


Witnessing the Northern Lights truly means an adventure of a lifetime. Hence, if you are thinking of where to go next on your next vacation, why not try to watch the Northern lights? This experience will surely be one for the books, especially when you’re doing it with your closest friends and family. Head over to Alaska, Sweden, Finland, and Canada and see the lights for yourself and have one awesome experience!

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