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cloud telephony providers

Firms must contact customers frequently to ensure constant growth and keep ahead of their competition in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive business climate. With an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-grow concept, Cloud Telephony offers business communication options to all types of businesses. If you are new to cloud-hosted phone systems, selecting from many excellent cloud telephony providers will be beneficial. If you are already familiar with cloud-based phone systems and know what features you want, the fast comparison table of leading providers can be all you need. Read this complete guide if you want additional information about each provider.


Knowlarity is the leading cloud telephony provider that offers solutions that have been specifically designed to fulfill the communication demands of businesses of all sizes. You can give a personalized experience to your customers by using options such as language selection, voice recordings, and so on. These recordings can also be adjusted based on whether the customer is a first-time or frequent caller. Knowlarity’s hosted call center solution is a low-cost option that provides extensive call management features without additional infrastructure. Streamline your business communication with Knowlarity’s strong solutions to engage with clients on their preferred channel and provide a tailored journey.


Nextiva, a cloud telephony service, offers its customers cheap, all-in-one communications solutions. It is a market leader in small and medium business communications, offering clients dependable service constantly. Because of the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and expansion, it now provides various technology solutions. They are so advanced that everyone can use them and benefit from them at the lowest price on the market today. Nextiva provides call redirection when agents cannot take their calls and music for callers on hold, in addition to queuing inbound calls. They assist in routing inbound calls to a designated group of agents. Calls can be routed to a sales team, support team, and more.


Bitrix24 is a business communication and collaboration best cloud telephony service provider. Small and medium-sized organizations will benefit greatly from its cloud telephony solution. Bitrix24’s mission as a cloud telephony service is to assist organizations in being more efficient and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction. Bitrix24 was established to provide businesses with a virtual office. It also offers the added benefit of allowing others to contribute and share knowledge freely. Bitrix24 provides a dedicated business phone number, call forwarding, voicemail to email, call recording, and system remote access. They use Dialpad to redirect calls by relaying phone numbers. The best Bitrix24 will handle multichannel communications, such as video and voice calls, using SIP softphones that simplify internet communication.

Genesys cloud:

Genesys Cloud is a cloud telephony service provider that offers a simple and creative cloud telephony solution. This service attempts to make corporate and customer contacts easier and more seamless through calls, emails, and chats. Genesys Cloud’s all-in-one cloud telephony solution can be tailored to match client’s needs or easily integrated with hundreds of apps. It allows a popup chat window to appear on a company’s website, allowing quick contact between agents and website users and sending notifications to agents and consumers. Genesys Cloud facilitates lead generation by enabling agents to identify new consumers and creating a knowledge base that agents can refer to in the future.


Grasshopper is an excellent virtual phone system for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to expand their operations. A cloud telephony system for your business can be purchased reasonably. Custom greetings, extensions, and call handling are just a few features designed to fulfill the demands of enterprises with minimal resources. Three plans are available from Grasshopper, each with up to five phone numbers and unlimited extensions. It is a wonderful solution for small organizations, despite the absence of seamless connectivity.


MightyCall is a virtual phone system that allows customers to contact businesses more easily. Its mobile application allows you to methodically compile all of your commercial interactions on a single platform. Its primary features are website calls, SMS services, call recording, call forwarding, and the ability to customize voicemails.

Install cloud telephony with Knowlarity:

Knowlarity is the most well-known cloud telephony provider in a variety of industries. They offer affordable pricing, a comprehensive feature set, and integrations to help you get the most out of your business phone system. When these factors are considered, Knowlarity is the best cloud telephony for enterprises. Knowlarity is the finest option if you need this software for your business.

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