Berhampore murder case: ‘Boy is a criminal’

Kneeling spread across the yard. Random house like yard. Parameshwari Chowdhury, the mother of the accused in the murder of a college student in Behrampur, was lying on the ground in a corner of the drawing room on Monday afternoon. Although seven days have passed since the incident, she is still shedding tears for her son’s ‘crime’. “The boy has committed a crime,” he said. After that he started crying again. Parameswari did not want to say anything else.
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Although he did not say anything, the family said that everyone was sorry for Sushant’s actions. A relative said, “We all regret what Sushant did.” None of the family will go to Bahrampur? The family claims that there is no question of going to Bahrampur now. Besides, there is no capacity to go to Bahrampur and fight a legal battle. Because, accused Sushant’s father Nikhil Chowdhury is still in Siliguri. Sushant’s cousin Shubhjit Chowdhury said, “My mother fell ill after learning about my grandfather’s incident. Not even eating properly. The house has an elderly grandmother and a brother who is a high school student. We don’t have the situation to go to Bahrampur right now. ” Nikhil said, “The family is looking into the matter of the boy. Nothing more can be said while sitting in Siliguri. ”

Bahrampur police have not yet come to Malda for the murder of a college student. On this day, there was an uproar in the district with the arrival of the police from Behrampur. However, the police in Bahrampur did not come to the house of the accused Sushant’s old Maldah mine Bathani village or PC’s airview complex in the city till evening. Questions are being raised as the police in Behrampur have not yet come to find out about Sushant. A police official said, “In the interest of investigation, the accused has to be investigated. It facilitates investigation. ” However, the police in Bahrampur said that they would come to Malda without

The family of accused Sushant said that they would extend all possible cooperation to the Behrampur police in the investigation.

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