Benzema’s last-minute goal, Real’s incredible win at Sevilla

Real's incredible win at Sevilla

If there is no drama in the match of Real Madrid, it should not be frozen!

Returning to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti’s side gave away another thrilling match against Chelsea today. This time the opponent in La Liga is Sevilla. Real won the match 3-2 in the end by writing an incredible story of the return of Real who went to the break from 2 goals behind! Real Madrid hero Karim Benzema is in great form once again by scoring a goal in the added time.

Benzema’s last-minute goal

With this victory, Real has strengthened its top position in the league with 75 points in 32 matches. Sevilla has dropped to number three after losing, now they have 60 points after playing a match equal to Real. Barcelona with 60 points in 30 matches.

Looking at the first half at the Ramon Sanchez Stadium, it seemed that Real Madrid was going to fulfill the demands of Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez, if only a little! Asked if Bar আশাa had any hopes of winning the title this season, Xavi said last week: “We have to wait for Real to lose points now. Let’s see if the opportunity comes. ‘

Before the break, Real played to give Bar্সa that opportunity. Or it took a while to break the deadlock of that nerve-wracking match against Chelsea at the Santiago Bernabeu last Wednesday. Sevilla took the reins of the match with two goals. Both, of course, forgot to defend Real Madrid.

In his own box, Luka Madrich fouled the opposing midfielder Papu Gomez. Sevilla gets free-kick. Before Ivan Rakitic took a shot, Real’s players broke through the defense wall. The ball went into the net of Real through that empty space.

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