Benefits Of Using Newton Sub-Giga Technology

Using Newton Sub-Giga Technology - SOLUM ESL

As well as the ability to change prices and promos on any shelf, anywhere, in seconds, with solum newton technology you can do much more. From improving in-store efficiencies, to freeing associates to spend more time with customers, to engaging with smartphones in-aisle, now’s the time to bring the store into the digital future.

Reducing Waste

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the flexible pricing enabled by solum newton Sub-giga technology enables retailers to strategically price perishable items throughout the day, encouraging customers to buy them before they spoil, said Milner. This freedom allows retailers to graduate pricing based on sales velocity and inventory levels. According to insight from Planet Retail, 65% of consumers would welcome such price changes throughout the day if a product is approaching its sell-by date.

Go Paperless

In a highly technological and connected world, many still opt to use manual systems and used paper-based workflows in their warehouse operations. One big example is the use of paper-based pick which, is not only very tedious but is also highly risky and prone to errors. The simple fact of having to go to an office to have pick lists printed is already very cumbersome. Not only that, there is a big chance that the personnel will print the wrong list and go on spending a whole day picking inventories from a previous or totally wrong order.

Sub-Giga Protocol for fast label update speed

The Sub-Giga Protocol is one of the major factors that makes SOLUM’s Newton Sub-Giga labels one of the fastest ESL options made for large-scale commercial use. In a nutshell, Newton Sub-Giga ESL is designed specifically for use in a busy industrial environment where heavy machinery and metal equipment are common.

Give your business and your industrial warehouse the upper hand it needs to stay competitive in today’s digital age with the best Newton Sub-giga by SOLUM. Contact us today to learn more.

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