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You may be contemplating a dairy-free diet if you’re experiencing digestive issues. Before you do, assess your symptoms to see whether dairy is the root reason. Lactose intolerance manifests as a group of symptoms following dairy consumption. This diet may be for you.

Some lactose intolerance symptoms are frequent and may signal a different issue. However, if you get the following symptoms 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming dairy, you should avoid it:

  1. Cramps
  2. Bloating
  3. Abdominal Pain
  4. Upset stomach
  5. Vomiting (relatively rare)
  6. Diarrhea

If you only have these symptoms sometimes after eating dairy, it’s likely another problem. If you are regularly in pain, you might explore a lactose-free diet.

Even if you’ve always been able to consume dairy without symptoms, you may have lactose intolerance and need a dairy-free diet. Lactose intolerance may strike at any time.

Evidence for a Dairy-Free Diet

If you consistently have these symptoms after ingesting dairy, you should see your doctor. Depending on your symptoms, a dairy-free diet may be recommended. You may also be asked whether anybody in your family has lactose sensitivity.

Common tests include:

Lactose Tolerance Test: You consume a dairy-based drink at the doctors. The lactose in the drink is measured in your blood after consuming it.

After consuming a dairy product, you breathe into a tiny device. Lactose intolerance causes increased hydrogen levels in the breath.

Trial Dairy-Free

If the test results indicate lactose intolerance, you and your doctor should confirm the findings before going dairy-free. A dairy-free trial diet excludes or restricts all dairy products. In certain circumstances, limiting the quantity and frequency of dairy consumption may be sufficient. Your doctor may advise you to reduce or eliminate dairy depending on the severity of your symptoms and their frequency.

It’s crucial to remember that lactose is found in many meals other than milk and cheese. Dairy is often added to baked products and processed dishes. To have a successful dairy-free diet experiment, you must avoid or restrict all dairy-containing items.

If you still have symptoms after 2 weeks of eliminating dairy, see your doctor to determine the core reason. The dairy-free diet should be continued if your symptoms have entirely disappeared.

Members may plan up to two weeks’ worth of meals in minutes, produce classified shopping lists and integrated cooking instructions, save time and money, and enhance their health and quality of life.

I found a successful method after much testing and try and error. I’m posting this in hopes of helping others on a gluten-free dairy-free diet. This pizza is also corn-free. Here is all you need to know to prepare a nice gluten-free dairy-free pizza.

There are dairy-free pizza crust mixes and basic gluten-free flour mixes available. I loved the dairy free pizza Crust Mix. The steps are straightforward. 2 eggs, water, and olive oil are all you need. Because it lacks the flexibility of a gluten-rich flour, you won’t be able to toss and spin it in the air. But it creates a great pizza crust.

How to make a decent crust using this mix. First, use warm to room temperature water to avoid shocking the yeast. Second, use wax paper oiled with olive or canola oil to assist distribute the dough. This keeps the crust from clinging to your hands. You can use moist hands, but it didn’t work for me. Third, sprinkle the crust with Italian spices for a touch of authenticity.

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