Behind Nakanichobani boyfriend!

Rejected in love, many may think of revenge, but in the end do not succeed. Conversely lose mental strength. As a result, Priya hated him even a few days ago. But Kayla is not that kind of girl. He took revenge for the deception.

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The boyfriend certainly couldn’t talk about such a push. As a result, he gave fake job interviews for a whole month. In the end is frustrated and utterly humiliated. Kayla herself has told this story of harassing her boyfriend through a tick video. And netizens are fascinated by watching the video.

Kaila was getting the trap of fake interview to deceive and harass her boyfriend. He created a LinkedIn account for this. Advertises employment in a professional manner. Within a few days, Kayla’s boyfriend fell into the trap. Kyler’s boyfriend applied for a well-paid job. He sends the biodata.

Boyfriend gives multiple written exams online as per the word of the company. Thus, after several tests, Kayla rejected her boyfriend. This is not the end, she also sent a long letter of rejection to her ex-boyfriend. The whole thing was fake. One interview after another has been conducted for a month to harass. Kayla tells her ex-boyfriend everything.

The letter of rejection was written in such a way that the lover would burn with rage. It is even said that you are not really good at anything, which is called Good for Nothing. Netizens fascinated by Kayla say that she has done a good job with such a lover. Source: Times Now, Opera News.

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