Beauty is an intimate industry, and our choice of cosmetics is very personal

Beauty is an intimate industry, and our choice of cosmetics is very personal

Beauty industry is one of the industries with the lowest customer loyalty. There are so many choices that people are curious to try new products.

In addition, large drugstore brands traditionally train consumers to shop at discounted prices. We all know that our favorite shampoo is on sale every other month.

In addition, there is a common misconception that cosmetic products will fail after a period of time, which does not help cosmetic brands retain customers for a long time.

So, as a cosmetics brand, what should you do to succeed? How to remain invincible in such fierce competition?

We say there is a way to win loyal customers and get duplicate orders.

Why is customer retention important in e-commerce?

Because it gives you stability. Positive return on investment after you pay the acquisition cost. If you stop advertising for a period of time, sales will be well guaranteed. That means people like your product.

Repeat customers are your business friends and help you make money, not just income.

Customer retention strategy in e-commerce beauty industry

Here are our suggestions on how to get customers back to your online cosmetics store and buy it again and again.

If you haven’t sold yet and are looking for ways to start producing your own cosmetics series, here’s a comprehensive guide.

1. Sample

Certainly. This is a product that people like to see, smell and even try before buying. That’s why it’s hard to sell just by product description.

Every order is an opportunity to provide samples:

Show new products

Put forward relevant suggestions for purchased products

Request feedback

2. Special events provide

You know you have to be helpful in communicating with customers and add value.

One way to do this in the beauty industry is to prepare for very special occasions and help your customers.

The season for the prom and wedding is very grand. Cosmetics, perfume, skin care products, beauty and hair coloring products have a lot of money.

3. Working with professionals

Speaking of makeup artists, who can better show your products than them? Even if you just provide them with free products and let them cooperate with customers (not even talking about influential people, which is the norm in the industry), it will still provide you with reference.

For other niche markets, activities and cooperation are also good.

4. Make the choice easy

When you can’t arrange testers like pharmacies, how can you ensure that people choose the products they like?

Make the e-commerce experience as close to real life as possible.

5. Personalized service

Beauty is an intimate industry, and our choice of cosmetics is very personal.

This is why when a cosmetics brand does something wrong and sells irrelevant (even offensive) products to the wrong audience, it will be more impacted. For example, when the brand thinks I need fake tanning or fat burning lotion, I turn the table.

7. It’s unforgettable

Even if the customer experience is perfect, people will still be attracted by too many discounts and choose other brands.

To prevent this, you need to add some fun. You’re not just bottles and price tags – show them. Let them love your brand.

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