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Because this is the first post of a complete bathroom renovations that I’ve documented on the site, it’s a big deal! Because this bathroom remodels has taken nearly a year of planning and saving, I’m ecstatic about the fact that the project has begun and that there is no going back, which is precisely where I prefer to be.

As a result, there are no lovely photographs in today’s post. (Which is debatable, because I already believe it is superior than our initial choice.) However, it has information on where we began, what we’ve learned thus far, and some images of inspiration to give you an idea of where we’re going; these will be visually appealing.

Renovating your bathroom on a budget? Here’s how to do it yourself.
We’ve already run into a few bumps in the road, but we’re determined to see this project through. What do you think? Let’s take a closer look. This is the restroom for our little ones. Everything in this house is built-in. As far as the design of the toothbrush holder is concerned, it’s definitely “building grade.” I’ll get to the point in a second.

When we acquired our house, the previous owners decided to leave it exactly as it was, with no additions whatsoever. We were able to buy the house at a reasonable price, and I was able to customise it to my liking over time.

This hall bathroom had no improvements, which meant a bathroom with linoleum floors, a one-piece tub and shower, and a low particle board vanity. Although the design isn’t horrible, I could spend all day cleaning this bathroom and yet not be satisfied. It’s a shame about the hue. And it’s all over the place.

Is there a drawer in the vanity? When we were looking at this property, I didn’t even notice that the bathroom had drawers since I assumed it was usual. WRONG! The lack of drawers in any of my home’s bathrooms drives me insane! Things that should be kept in a drawer wind up on the kitchen top. A new housing is desperately needed for my kids’ toothbrushes!

There are two light bulbs in the fixture. This is a conventional vanity light. We didn’t want to spend money on new bulbs for a light fixture that is likely to be replaced soon.

The kid’s bathroom has been on my to-do list for almost a year now, so I started nagging the hubby about it. As soon as we decided on a date to completely gut the house, I made sure our calendars and children’s activities were clear so that we could get it done! I’m not a naive narcissist. He resisted starting the project, and I knew there would be no going back once it was gutted.

We were prepared for the tub surround to be the most challenging component of the project. Our original plan had us sawing it in half and removing two sections, but as we started working on it, things changed.

In the end, we found a lip that was holding everything together, so hubs cut around the entire surround about 2 inches from that lip and sanded it down to the studs. When we removed the drywall, we discovered that the surround had been connected to the studs.

We were able to raise the tub out of the way at this point. You may be wondering where we’re going from here. The colour scheme of my house is grey and white, with a few very minor blue tones thrown in for good measure. When it comes to how we’ll have to live with this bathroom for years to come, I’m going to keep things basic but enjoyable with a few extras. This is the kid’s bathroom. Making judgments based on their present ages is a waste of time because they won’t remain toddlers forever.

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