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Basics of e-commerce website creation and maintenance

One of the most important stages in the launch of the website – it is the choice of the CMS engine. A lot will depend on it: the cost of the project, how much the store will meet modern requirements, its relevance in five years, the amount of traffic from search, and whether in general the store will be successful. You can see different solutions, but without special knowledge it is difficult to determine which CMS for the website will suit better.

CMS types for e-store creation

In general terms, CMS is a content management system for a web resource, which has a certain functionality “out of the box”. Also, CMS has the ability to expand functionality with free/paid modules, which makes refinements cheaper and the implementation time required functionality faster. CMS are divided into boxed services, open source services, constructors and SaaS CMS.

Boxed CMS

The cardinal difference between boxed software from all others is its autonomy. That is, you purchase a ready-made licensed product, install it on the server yourself and use it. A boxed CMS system contains a certain set of functions and templates. The engine is simply installed and immediately ready for use. You only need to upload the necessary data to it. In this case, CMS technical support is carried out almost entirely by your own efforts. You monitor the status of the server yourself, and, accordingly, for the continuity of its operation.

Open source CMS

Open source CMS mainly includes free services. The website engine makes it possible to manage content as it pleases: create copies, make any changes to the structure and functionality, transfer the right of management to third parties. The main disadvantage of this software is minimal technical support. Therefore, this type of engine is more suitable for experienced professionals. Well, or if you have someone to hire for regular uptime support.

CMS constructors

The simplest type of CMS is an online store constructor/designer. The service is a set of templates with a preset set of options. You just add the desired content and set up the structure with a couple of mouse clicks. CMS constructors are not in great demand. They are most often used for a certain type of goods or for a limited assortment. However, this is a good option for novice businessmen.


This type of CMS is actively gaining popularity. This is a kind of constructor with a certain set of templates, plugins and other necessary options, but with a full-fledged console. That is, you can format your website the way it is convenient for you by changing the available templates. Hosting is already included in such an online service, all the necessary settings have been made. You just have to download the content and adjust the CMS for yourself. There are often plenty of editing opportunities in such engines.

Ways to choose a proper web-hosting for e-store

Web hosting is a service for providing resources on a server. Or, in other words, it provides disk space and hardware to store and use all the files and data necessary for the proper functioning of the website. And if the server does not cope with its task, the user simply will not be able to use the resource. Therefore, choosing a reliable hosting is very important. Because its servers will work without interruption, providing round-the-clock processing of requests to the Internet resource.

How to choose reliable hosting?

When searching for a hosting provider, you often come across tempting offers at a low price or even for free. Perhaps you want to run a business site in test mode. Free hosting in this case will help you save money. However, if the web project is designed for a large audience and the risks are extremely undesirable, you should focus primarily on the reliability of the provider, the quality of services, rather than the price.

The choice of hosting services should be approached comprehensively. Trust your website only to reliable providers. Evaluate the technical capabilities of the website. And choose the best option for your web project. The website, placed on a good hosting, will operate as a well-functioning mechanism that saves time and nerves of the owner.

Importance of website monitoring for e-store

The main task of any webmaster, no matter how complex the duties he performs for the website, is to monitor it. In general, website monitoring is a complex set of diagnostic measures. According to the diagnostic results, everything should work as well as possible. And the webmaster himself spends a huge amount of time and effort on monitoring websites. Therefore, the most optimal approach to website monitoring is automation.

Advanced services like HostTracker, which have proven to be a reliable assistant, do an excellent job of this task. By using this service, you can check your websites regularly with the most convenient and practical monitoring interval. What’s more, this service uses more than 150 hotspots distributed around the world to check availability from different countries. Thus, you can find out not only when the website stopped working, but also why.

Moreover, its instant notification system will point you to the source of problems, and the systematic collection of statistics will help to locate the source even more effectively. At the same time, the service eliminates false signs of problems as much as possible.

Google Ads campaigns monitoring

Contextual advertising is one of the main cost items of almost any company that has its own website on the Internet. And a top-notch contextual advertising service is obviously Google Ads. And its systems are not only profiting, but also cause a lot of the financial and reputation losses.

This is due to the fact that this system blocks advertising campaigns only when something happens related to low download speed or unavailability of the website. If the website is not working properly, but is still available, then Google will add empty links to the ad blocks. Moreover, after the webmaster restores the website, he will need to send a request to Google Ads. And sometimes this process takes a very long time.

To avoid such complications and minimize the losses associated with advertising campaigns, HostTracker offers a tool that will automatically suspend your subscription to Google Ads. If critical errors occur, this system will automatically determine the status of the website and suspend the Google advertising campaign via the API in case of problems with its operation. And when the website starts working again, the service will automatically restore the functionality of the contextual advertising service.

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