Ball game fair is sitting again, less sellers have come

After being closed for two years due to the epidemic of covid, the historical Jabbar’s ball game and Baishakhi fair is going to be held again in Chittagong; Small and big entrepreneurs from different areas have almost finished the morning preparations by arranging posara.

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The fair will officially start from Sunday around Laldighi area. Before that, however, the sellers have understood the place of the shop, and many have also arranged the sorting work.

And the traditional game hall will sit on Monday; What will happen instead of the place is this time on the stage made of sand next to Laldighi.

This time the deadline of the fair has been reduced to three days.

The Laldighi area has been visited, two days before the start of the fair, vendors have started coming from different parts of the country with posara. However, as their number is less than other times, this time the combination of products is less.

Organizers hope more vendors will come to take part in the fair on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

The organizer of the fair, Abdul Jabbar’s Memorial Wrestling Competition and the convener of the fair committee, Jahar Lal Hazari also said that the number of shopkeepers was less than before.

He told Vendors come from different districts of the country with earthenware, toys and bamboo and cane products.

“But still the sellers have not come with these products like murki murki, tree saplings, flower brooms. I hope many will come at night. Some have contacted and said they are on their way. ”

This traditional Baishakhi fair has been held in the vicinity of Laldighi field since 1909. This time the field did not match as the renovation work was going on in Laldighi field. At first, the organizing committee announced the postponement of the match.

Later, games and fairs were organized on the initiative of City Mayor M Rezaul Karim Chowdhury. Chittagong City Corporation is sponsoring.

Despite the addition of thousands of shopping experts in the city, the people of greater Chittagong have been waiting for this fair for years. Buy various household items from the fair. For this reason, the mayor did not stop the fair because the coronavirus infection was declining.


What is in the fair
The fair features earthenware, toys, vases and dolls, rattan and bamboo furniture, hand fans, fishing poles, baskets, kulo, tree saplings, murki murki, patti and various local fruits.

Vendors were seen arranging posara on the banks of Laldighi, Cinema Palace and K The Road on Saturday afternoon. However, in other years, the fair was held from Andarkilla junction to Bakshi bit around Laldighi Park and the field around Cinema Palace to Shaheed Minar area and Bose Brothers.

Traders from Bakalia and Baluar Dighi of the city usually bring murki murki to the fair. The nursery owners of Hathazari, Banshkhali and Satkania bring the saplings.

Artisans from Tangail, Manikganj and Shariatpur brought pottery. The flowers come from the three hill districts. Various furniture sellers came from Comilla and Jessore.

Rezaul Karim, a trader who brought earthen vases and showpieces from Tangail, told, “This time the fair will be for only three days. It used to be five days ago. It lasted for a week.

“It simply came to our notice then. So many are not prepared. I have brought less with not knowing whether it will actually be sold with more goods. If not sold, many cars will be rented to return with these before Eid. ”

Poet and journalist Kamrul Hasan Badal told Vendors from all over the country came to take part in the fair. At the beginning, it was not considered to announce that the fair would not be held in a hurry.

“After the announcement of games and fairs, some quarters started giving excuses that there would be traffic jam during the month of Ramadan. But the fair has been held before Ramadan. People all over Chittagong have been waiting for this fair for years. ”

He claimed that efforts to stop folk culture like Mela Parvan in Bangladesh have been going on for a long time. If we want to make a humane society, we have to organize more such public festivals. And those who want to stop it must resist. ”

Traffic directions
Meanwhile, the Chittagong City Police (CMP) has announced traffic control from April 24 to April 26 in the vicinity of the fair.

The CMP said in a press release on Saturday that the road from Andarkilla junction to Boxirhat-Laldighigami road, from Zila Parishad Market to Teribazar-Andarkillamukhi road, from Cinema Palace to Sonali Bank via KC De Road, from Zahur Hawkers Market to Bata Crossing will remain closed.

The road from Teri Bazar Bazar to Teri Bazar and from Amanat Shah Mazar Road to Teri Bazar will also be closed.

Besides, all kinds of goods vehicles heading towards Teri Bazar, Khatunganj, Asadganj, Chaktai will enter through Rajakhali and exit through Marine Drive Road.

The CMP advised the drivers and city dwellers to avoid the fair area and use alternative roads.

Jahar Lal, president of the organizing committee of the fair, said, “CMP is cooperating in all possible ways. If anyone demands a donation from those who will be sitting in the shop at the fair, action will be taken if they inform us immediately. There will be zero tolerance in this regard. ”

Ball game on Monday at 3 p.m.
At 3 pm on Monday, a temporary stage will be set up at the intersection of four roads near Laldighi ground.

Abdul Jabbar Saudagar, a resident of Badar Pati area, organized a wrestling competition at Laldighi ground in 1909 to inspire the youth of Chittagong in the anti-British movement. This has been organized every year since then.

100 bowlers will take part in this game masako katsura. The first place winner will get a prize of Tk 25,000 and a trophy.

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