Avantika Hundal: My heart goes out to the people of Sri Lanka

Actor Avantika Hundal, who has been away from the small screen for quite some time, believes in balancing work and leisure in the right equation.

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“As a creative professional, I cannot afford to saturate or exhaust myself as a performer. I need to go on a break to reinvent myself. Once my work gets wrapped, it’s a must for me to move out of that zone,” says the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Man Ki Awaaz Pratigya actor.

She adds, “Also, I love to explore life beyond clichéd stuff, so while being away from TV, I was travelling, tried my hand at Punjabi cinema and also took up some tourism projects.”

Hundal has been playing central characters and feels role size doesn’t matter but type does.

“I have been part of shows that have run for the longest period but truly the length of the role never tops my priority table. Instead, how impactful it is in the long run that matters the most. Thankfully, whatever work I have done till date have been really worthwhile for me as an actor.”

“My last Colombo trip was to promote tourism in adjoining small towns. I had such a memorable time there. And, just after I returned, I got the news of power cuts as well as another crisis. Emergency being imposed there due worsening situations came as a shock to me. My heart goes out to the people there and I wish things to be back as they were earlier.”

Seen in films including Mr & Mrs 420 and Mr & Mrs 420 Returns, she is currently back on TV playing an antagonist. “I play a youngster who is self-obsessed, has larger than life fantasies and is a shrewd girl. The show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye brought me back on the screen with a tailor-made character that I was waiting for,” she adds.

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