Attempt to rape and kill his girlfriend: Charges were framed against 3 people including Nasir

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday (April 19) to hear charges against three people, including businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmud and Tuhin Siddiqui Ami, in a case alleging rape and attempted murder of his girlfriend at a boat club in Dhaka.

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The hearing will be held in the court of Judge Hemayet Uddin of Dhaka Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal-9.Earlier on Thursday (March 3), Judge Hemayet Uddin of Dhaka’s Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal-9 set the date for the formation of charges.

Judge Hemayet Uddin of Dhaka’s Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal-9 accepted the chargesheet on December 13 last year.

On September 6, 2021, the investigating officer of the case, Kamal Hossain, filed a chargesheet against Nasir and three others in the Dhaka Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court.

On June 14 of that year, Parimani filed a case with the Savar Police Station in Dhaka, naming Nasir Uddin and his friend Amir and accusing four others of attempted rape and murder. After that the police started working on the matter.

The statement of case said, “At around 11:30 pm on June 8, they left for Uttara in two vehicles including costume designer Jimmy (30), Ami (40) and Bonis (20) from his Banani home. On the way, Ami says he has a two-minute job at the Dhaka Boat Club on the embankment.

According to Amir, they all went to the front of the Dhaka Boat Club at around 12:20 pm and parked their cars. But after the boat club closed, Ami talked to one of the people on the phone. Then the security guards of Dhaka Boat Club opened the gate. Ami went inside the club and said that the environment here is very beautiful, you can get off if you get down. ‘

The statement further said, ‘Then my younger sister Bonnie entered the boat club to respond to the call of nature and used the toilet near the bar. As soon as we came out of the toilet, the number one defendant Nasir Uddin Mahmud called us and asked us to sit inside the bar and offered us coffee. If we want to avoid the matter, the number one accused including Ami insists on drinking. When I did not want to drink alcohol, the number one accused tried to force me to put a bottle of alcohol in my mouth. It hurt my front teeth and lips. ‘

‘The number one accused (Nasir Uddin Mahmud) insulted me in vulgar language and touched various sensitive parts of my body and tried to rape me by force. Excited, he smashed a glass and a bottle of wine on the table and threw them at me. When he tried to stop costume designer Jimmy Nasir Uddin Mahmud, he was also beaten and injured.

In the statement, Parimani further said, “When I first went to call the National Emergency Service-999, my phone was snatched away.” At that time, four unidentified persons including the number two accused helped the number one accused to cause the incident. I will be able to identify the unidentified accused when I see them. ‘

He further said, ‘Accused number two Ami planned to take me from my current home to Dhaka Boat Club. He touched four unidentified accused and Nasir Uddin Mahmud in different sensitive parts of my body and tried to rape me. I escaped from the rapist with the help of my companions. At about 3 o’clock in the night I returned home in my car almost unconscious with the help of other companions.

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