Atletico Madrid on their way to the Champions League after losing to Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s XI has changed a lot since the league title was confirmed earlier. The performance on the field also went down a bit as several people were rested in the original XI. Atletico Madrid took advantage of that opportunity to win a great place in next season’s Champions League.

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Atletico Madrid beat Real Madrid 1-0 in a La Liga match at Wanda Metropolitan on Sunday night.

Atletico are in fourth place with 64 points from 35 matches. Betis, who is in the top five, has 56 points. Real tops the table with 61 points, followed by Barcelona with 69 points and Sevilla with 65 points.

Real put the XI at rest with players like Thibaut Courtois, Luca Madrich, Karim Benzema and Vinicius at rest. The champions struggled to cope with Atletico’s attack in a match to test the youngsters. Simeone’s attack threatened Real’s defense several times in the first 20 minutes. But I could not see the goal.

Finally, the hosts went ahead in 40 minutes. Carasco gave Atletico the lead with a successful spot. Valleho fouled Kuya inside the box. The referee blew the whistle for the penalty in the VAR check. In the second half, Madrid-Vinicius came on the field but could not change the fate of Real. In the end, Los Blancos had to leave the field with a rate.

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