Atletico close to the Champions League after losing to the Champions

Real Madrid have won the Spanish La Liga with four matches in hand. They lost the next match after the championship was confirmed. Carlo Ancelotti’s side could not return to victory after playing against city rivals Atletico.

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Atletico are close to reaching the UEFA Champions League after beating champions Real 1-0. Diego Simeone’s side will get a ticket to play in the best of Europe next season from the top four if they get 4 points in the remaining three matches.

On Sunday night, Wanda Metropolitan was dominated by Real Madrid with the second tier team. They control the ball 80 percent of the time throughout the match. 6 of the 15 shots were for the goal. But they could not score a goal in any of them.

On the other hand, Atletico, known for its defensive football, managed to score only two shots throughout the match. Yannick Carrasco scored from the penalty spot in the 40th minute of the match. Atletico got a penalty from a foul inside the box.

This one goal ensured Atletico’s victory. After this victory, Atletico remained at number four with 64 points in 35 matches. Real Betis, who is in the top five, collected 56 points in 35 matches. As a result, Atletico’s chances of playing in the Champions League have increased from four.

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