At last, i am controlling my weight now

I have fought with my weight almost all my life. I frequently lose a good deal of weight, but because I didn’t maintain my efforts, I constantly gain it back. I started seeing Novomed’s dietitian in Dubai because I was so overweight that I had no choice but to drop weight. I couldn’t find anything nice to wear and dreaded looking at myself in the mirror. I was worried before going to Novomed because I have never visited a dietitian, but I left the appointment with a lot more guidance and information than I had expected.

My dietitian is very smart, great at communicating, and just plain enjoyable to talk to. She gave me just what I needed! She was so responsive to my needs and more of a food therapist than a dietician. With her help, I was able to realize that my digestive problems were a direct result of the anxiety I experienced when eating. She gave me the inspiration I needed and helped me realize that my extra weight was a result of emotional eating and an unhealthy lifestyle. She has been remarkable from the moment I met her; always supportive, understanding, and welcoming. Our sessions are always enjoyable, and she always provides me with excellent feedback and takes a variety of different measurements (such as body fat and metabolic calorie rate).

After implementing the modifications suggested to me, I can actually feel the differences in my body. I’m much better at interpreting how my body responds to certain things. I now know how to put together varied, delicious, and healthy meals. I don’t have to deny myself anything, and I don’t have to force myself to eat anything I don’t enjoy.

Not only did she help me lose a lot of weight, but she also helped me keep off the weight after I reached my target weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stay consistent in my weight reduction journey. When your mind is in the correct place, you can do whatever you want. I am so glad we came up with a plan that works for both of us. Throughout my whole journey, she encouraged me and provided advice on how to make simple, long-lasting changes to help me achieve my nutritional and health objectives.


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