Asylum project house sold for 60 thousand rupees!

A beneficiary family in Abhaynagar, Jessore has been accused of selling a house under the Asrayan project for Tk 60,000. The deeds of the house sold have been handed over to the buyer. The incident took place at Asrayan-2 project in Sridharpur village of Sridharpur union of the upazila.

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The house deed allotted to the beneficiary Tariqul Islam and his wife Khadija Begum has been handed over to Hasanur Mollah, son of late Ehiya Mollah, who lives next to the project.

Sources in the Upazila Project Implementation Office said that five houses were constructed in Sridharpur village of Sridharpur union of the upazila under Asrayan-2 project. One lakh 61 thousand rupees was spent to build a house on two hundred acres of land. In the financial year 2020-2021, ownership of house and land is explained among the beneficiary families.

Although he went to the Asrayan-2 project on Thursday (June 2) at noon and did not find the beneficiary Tariqul Islam, his wife Khadija Begum was found. At that time, he told Kaler Kantha about selling the house and handing over the documents. He could not pay the money on time. The stamp has been written and signed to the effect that if the loan is not repaid within the next two months, the house will become Hasanur’s. Hasanur has stamps and house documents. ‘

Although Hasanur Mollah was not found at home, his wife Rexona Begum was found. He told Kaler Kantha, ‘My husband lent 90,000 rupees in two installments at the time of Khadija, the wife of Tariqul. They promised to pay the money within two months. Unable to pay the money, he wrote on the house documents and stamps. ‘

Mejbah Uddin, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, told Kaler Kantha on his mobile phone that there is no opportunity to buy, sell and rent the houses of the shelter project without allotment. If anyone has. Action will be taken against them after investigation. The incident in Sridharpur will be investigated. If it is proved, the allotment of that beneficiary will be canceled and the house will be given to other landless and homeless.

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