Arjun Singh & Adhikari Family: Arjun Singh targets Adhikari family without naming them

As soon as Arjun Singh left the BJP and joined the Trinamool Congress, questions arose over his resignation as an MP. The BJP MP from Barrackpore held a press conference after joining Abhishek Banerjee’s office on Camac Street on Sunday. There he was questioned about his resignation as an MP. Without naming names in reply, he pointed to the rightful family. He said, “There are two MPs who have won the Lok Sabha on behalf of the Trinamool. But now they are doing BJP. They should resign first. It won’t take me an hour to resign. The longer it takes to get to Delhi, the longer we have to wait. ”

It was not difficult for anyone present to understand that Arjun was targeting the family of opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari. His father Shishir Adhikari Kanthi and brother Divyendu Adhikari are Trinamool MPs from Tamluk. However, in response to his question, he did not mention the name of the rightful family even once. By the way, whether it is Trinamool or BJP, Shuvendu has a good relationship with Arjun. But those who have recently left the BJP and joined the grassroots are the ones who have attacked Shuvendu or his family. Arjun was no exception.

It may be mentioned that during the 2021 assembly elections, Kanthi MP Shishir appeared at Amit Shah’s public meeting on March 1 in Agra. However, Divyendu has not yet been seen in any of the BJP’s programs.

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