‘Argentine footballers will die to win World Cup’

Before leaving Bayern Munich to reach the semi-finals of the Villarreal Champions League, there was little interest in him in Europe. Geronimo Rui has been having a good time for some time. Villarreal is in the spotlight, with Argentina playing their last World Cup qualifier against Ecuador a few days ago due to injuries from other goalkeepers. His first competitive match for the national team, third overall. The previous two were friendly matches before the 2018 World Cup.

The goalkeeper, who is having a great time, is dreaming of being in the Argentina team for the Qatar World Cup next November. The 29-year-old Argentine goalkeeper is not only dreaming of being on his own, but also dreaming of winning the Akashi-Nils World Cup! In his eyes, Messi-de Paul-de-Maria has a ‘thrilling thing’ in this Argentina. Rui also believes that everyone who gets a chance in Argentina’s World Cup in Qatar will give their all to win the World Cup.

Why is there such a thing as a thrill in Argentina? “Argentina has a lot of great players,” Rui said in an interview with the Argentine daily TYC Sports. You can choose a lot of quality players according to the type of player you want. There are a lot of players who can diversify each position, and that’s what will give you hope. ‘

A magician named Lionel Messi will have a different attraction in Qatar with Argentina as the last World Cup, but this Argentina is not just Messi. There are stars like Anhel Di Maria, Rodrigo Di Paul, Leandro Pareder, Giovanni Lo Celsora all wearing their Argentine jerseys. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

Ruiier also likes to be in this Argentina team, ‘the opportunity to spend time with such teammates is lucky. It’s important to have a chance in the team right now, it’s even more important for everyone this year. ‘ This is the year of the World Cup!

“For every Argentine player, the Argentine team is ahead of everything else,” said Ruio. We are in the year of the World Cup and this year we will all work to stay there (in the World Cup). ‘

Rui, however, has to face tough competition. Emiliano Martinez is Argentina’s first-choice goalkeeper at the moment, but in the race to become the other two goalkeepers in the World Cup squad, Rui will have to contend with Juan Musso, Franco Armani, Esteban Andrada and Walter Benitez.

If he doesn’t get a chance in the end, Rui will crack his throat like any other supporter. In Qatar, there will be no shortage of people for Messi. The team that went to the previous two or three World Cups in Argentina’s jersey may be the golden generation of Argentina, but the current team is closer to the minds of the Argentine people. Why is this happening?

Is it just that this team won the 26-year-old international title and brought Argentina to the Copa America last year? Or is it that the players of the team are fighting for each other?

“Everyone in Argentina seems to think that something could happen at this year’s World Cup. Argentina is going to the World Cup after winning the Copa America, it also provides a different motivation. But what impresses it all is the recent spate of national team games, in which perhaps the Argentine people find themselves. The team is what compels you to support, follow, and inspire the team. Many may even go to Qatar to watch the national team without borrowing.

The ‘God of Football’ himself brought the World Cup to the Argentines who found themselves in Maradona in 1986. This time, the Argentines, who found themselves among these players, are full of hope again.

Rui’s thrill, ‘People find themselves in those who come to play in the Argentine jersey. The World Cup is the most coveted title of all of us, and this time hope is working in people’s minds, because people know that whoever gets a chance in the Argentina team, will give his life to bring the beautiful trophy to the country! ‘

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