Argentina refuses to play again against Brazil

Yesterday (Friday) the Argentine media published a letter from FIFA. The match between Brazil and Argentina, which was postponed, will be played again on September 22. This is where the Argentine Football Association (AFA) sits. They claim that they do not see any reason to play the match anew. Because they have no hand in closing the match. Therefore, the AFA has decided to go to the International Sports Court against the decision of FIFA.

Argentina refuses to play again against Brazil

We believe the decision (to play the match again) is unfair,” Andres Urich, an adviser to the agency, told Argentine television. At the same time, we believe that the match was not canceled because of Argentina. We think our place is clean. That is why we will go to court. ...................................

Argentina refuses to play again against Brazil

Brazil-Argentina met in the World Cup qualifiers on September 5 last year. The match on Brazilian soil lasted a total of 5 minutes. Four Argentine players broke into the codeiv-policy and the country’s health department took to the field.

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