The answer is a resounding YES! To validate the point above, its imperative to understand some basics about solar energy. All around the world, be it big corporates, small businesses or even households, people have understood the positives the solar energy brings with it and leaving a lasting impression on the way we live. The decades of consistent innovations have led us to where we are today in the solar industry. Today, the world is filled with solar lighting system options that are not only energy-efficient, but stays with you for a longer life and serving as a quality source of energy.

Solar LED street lights are no different, when we talk about the popularity these solar gadgets are receiving from the community at large. Communities can use natural light sources to illuminate parks, streets, gardens and any other public place. Solar powered street lights can offer environmental-friendly solutions to communities at large. Instal it and forget it- that’s what solar fixtures are for you. Once you’ve installed solar street lights, you will not have to rely on the grid for electricity and it also brings in positive social developments. The solar street light’s price is less if you consider the long-term benefits of the same.


Solar street lights are street lights powered by sunlight that use solar panels. These solar panels in turn use sunlight as an alternative source of the energy. The solar panels are installed on the pole or the lighting structure. The panels will charge the rechargeable batteries and these batteries will power up the street lights in the night hours. In today’s scenario, solar street lights are well-designed to serve uninterruptedly with minimal intervention. These are powered by in-built batteries that are also considered cost-effective and as a result, these lights are completely safe for the environment. They are grid-free and possess advanced features that are perfectly suited for both commercial and household applications. they also last longer and look impressive, with almost nil maintenance.


Solar is not a new topic any more as we have been using solar energy to power our devices and premises for decades now. As one of the leading solar EPC companies in India, Synergy Wave System, has played a pivotal role in making the solar EPC service available to their clients at an affordable budget that is all-inclusive of the services right from inception till post-installation maintenance. The product range that they come with is exhaustive that includes a variety of solar lights for every location- be it gardens, hallways, parks, schools, windows, much more. their aesthetically designed lights could be used for decoration, illumination & other purposes. By using solar street lights, users can promote sustainable energy & minimize carbon footprint and pollution significantly.

Solar panels are the key elements in solar lights, along with the components like PV modules, GEL battery, controller, lithium battery & light pole. They’re quite easy to transport, install and station. During the light hours in the day, the solar panels will store the solar energy in the battery, they’ll absorb the energy and pass it on to the battery. During the dark hours at night, the motion sensor will work to control the illumination. And that’s how they start working automatically.


The benefits of a green energy source like solar energy and a green product like solar street lights are many as they’re environment friendly solutions.

  • Solar street lights are a green alternative
  • They’re a proven cost-effective solution
  • Comes with easy & safe installations
  • Almost maintenance-free- Fix & forget set-up
  • Huge reduction in energy bills


No doubt, solar LED street lights are capable enough to meet the needs of the communities. The high-quality solar street lights will definitely add to the aesthetics of the vicinity. Their upfront costs might be a bit high, but looking at the long-term benefits that they entail, it’s definitely a great choice for a sustainable energy resource. So, don’t wait to enjoy your favourite activities under the sky without bothering about the power bills and the time of the day. Invest in solar solutions that are green and supremely beneficial for you and the environment.

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