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Anupama written update May 10: Anuj and Varnaj clash over Anupama’s kids, sangeet ceremony begins

In the last episode of Anupama, we see tension rising in Anupama’s life as Vanraj and Anuj leave the mehendi ceremony together, and Rakhi Dave finds out Hasmukh’s medical reports. In this episode, we see the aftermath of this drama as more secrets unfold. Away from the house, Anuj worries over Vanraj’s intentions. Back at home, Rakhi Dave finds out Hasmukh’s reports. She takes a look at them but doesn’t read the entire report and leaves them aside. Anupama is about to find the reports but gets called by Devika.

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Anupama gets anxious as Anuj and Vanraj are yet to return. Devika tells everyone that Anuj messaged her saying that he is going out with Vanraj to discuss something. Meanwhile, Vanraj finally confronts Anuj. He warns him to not steal his children. In an emotional monologue, he reminisces about the childhood of his kids and how he struggled for their happiness. Anuj agrees with Vanraj and accepts his wishes. He promises him that he will never try to be his children’s father. He also warns him that if he dares to keep Anupama away from the children, he will not bear it and will break all his promises.

As Anuj and Vanraj safely return back home, Anupama shouts at Vanraj for endangering Anuj’s life. Anuj assures her that he is safe and they only went out to talk. Anuj notices the entire family is worried for him and tells Anupama that he feels overwhelmed with so much love. Anupama asks about his own family and finds out Anuj never told her about some of his relatives. Why is Anuj hiding this part of his life from her? Who are these relatives he doesn’t tell anyone about? As Anuj’s secret gets revealed, Anupama assures him that it will not affect their relationship. Anuj calmly tells her about his uncle and their family, with whom he lost touch after he moved to the US. Anupama suggests he invite them to the wedding and Anuj agrees.

After all the drama and tension get over, Anuj and Anupama finally get a moment of relief as their sangeet ceremony begins. Devika and Malvika reveal Anuj’s surprise theme for the function. The theme is to tell the love story of Anuj and Anupama, had he proposed to her in college and she accepted it then.

While the entire family enjoys the function, Hasmukh starts facing issues because of his disease. He hides it from the family but for how long will he be able to conceal such a big secret from everyone? His reports are still out there on the table and it remains to be seen what will happen when Anupama finds out the reports. Keep watching this space for all the latest updates!

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