Ansar members beat the relatives of the patient with belts

Ansar members beat the relatives of the patient with belts

Ansar in charge of security beat three relatives of a patient at Shaheed Tajuddin Medical College Hospital in Gazipur. The incident took place in the male surgical ward on the 7th floor around 8:30 pm on Saturday night due to an argument over entering the ward to dispense medicine. A video of the beating spread on social media after Sunday evening, causing a stir.

It is learned that Ilias Hossain, 26, son of Mohammad Ali of Samantpur area of ​​Gazipur city, was injured in a road accident on Thursday afternoon and was admitted to the male surgical ward.

He underwent surgery on his head on Saturday afternoon. Irsa’s elder brother Hafez Emdad Hossain bought an emergency medicine and went to the ward to give it to his brother at around 8 pm on Saturday, but was stopped by Ansar member Shah Jalal. Although the medicine was declared urgent, the doctor forbade him to enter.

At one stage, when he forced his way inside, Ansar member Emdad Hossain grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulled him out and slapped him. Emadad retaliated by punching Ansar. Angered, the Ansar member called the other Ansars on the phone. At that time Emdad was with his brother in the ward.

The Ansar came with sticks and beat Emdad severely. When he went to save his uncle Habib, the Ansar also beat him. At one stage, when his nephew Hasib came forward, several Ansar members took off his belt and beat Hasib inside the ward. At this time panic spread in the ward. Several patients were also injured while trying to take shelter. Frightened, Emdad took refuge in Ward’s toilet.

Ansar members beat the relatives of the patient with belts

Upon receiving the news, Emdad’s father, Ansar commander Manzur came to the spot. Commander Manzoor Emdad was taken out of the ward from the toilet with the assurance that he would not be beaten. In fact, the Ansar members surrounded him and beat him again.

When he went to the ward on Sunday night, a patient said that there was a filmy style attack. The incident is extremely nasty. No doctor was on the round at the time of the incident. Even then the relatives of the patient were not allowed to enter due to the doctor’s request. There were several elderly complexes and heart patients in the ward. The security guards of the hospital are terrified of attacking the relatives of the patient in this manner.

Ansar Commander of the hospital. Manjur Hossain said that the relatives of the patient had killed Ansar Shah Jamal. The matter was settled overnight. An Awami League leader has settled the matter. The patient’s relativ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Emdad Hossain’s father Mohammad Ali said the injured were lying in bed. Everyone has a fever. Can’t be admitted to the hospital for fear. So the treatment is going on at home. Do not know what has been resolved. They have threatened to sue if the attack is reported.

The director of the hospital. Tapan Kanti Sarkar said there was a misunderstanding between Ansar and the patient’s relatives. The matter has been resolved by both the parties.

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