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Top Anime Torrenting Websites to Download Anime 2022

The world has gone nuts over Japanese culture, and it is safe to say that people from all parts of the globe enjoy manga and other sorts of Japanese art. There are tons of great websites that allow users to download and stream content of different qualities.

In case you are looking for some of the best torrenting sites to download anime from, we have got you covered. Read this blog till the end to know the same.

Here are some of the best anime torrenting websites that can be used to download anime and stream anime of your choice with relative ease.

Top anime torrenting platforms


There is not a single doubt that the website is one of the most perfect places to stream and download anime from. The website allows you to find high-quality videos along with anime movies front the list that is available on the website.

There are tons of filters and features available on the website that allows users to watch and explore all the shows and movies that are available here. One simply needs to register on the website to get started, and you also get the option of uploading content on the website as well. There are plenty of other mirror websites in case the parent website is not available in your region.

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This is one of the oldest websites on the internet that offer anime and movie torrents that offer a plethora of stuff that gets regularly updated by the developing team of the site. The platform is more than 10 years old and has a decent community where one can upload, share, and talk about anime content on a daily basis.

All in all, it is one of the best anime torrent downloading platforms on the internet.


1337x is popular among people from all parts of the globe, where users come to download all sorts of anime and manga. There is almost every show that is available on the internet. The website is in the big leagues with the likes of PirateBay and Extratorrents.

These are some of the best torrenting websites on the internet, where you will find all sorts of anime and other things.

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