Anime Battleground vs Pokemon TGC

Anime Battleground is among one of the Roblox metaverse worlds. But Pikachu TCG is a different game with the famous cartoon theme.  Both of them are created on animation-based characters but have variable prospects.

Pokemon TCG is more popular because it has been in this business for a long time. Being a part of Roblox, anime Battleground is getting a better platform to get attention from millions of audiences. In the further article, we will compare both the game on their merits and demerits. Read further to know more.

What is Anime Battleground?

The game is a combination of different anime series locations and characters. The developer’s Sub & Fatal has implemented many small details and made the perfect animation experience for the fans. Jaga built the gameplay such that you have to fight for your favorite character and free him. Then you can use them to get an advantage in battlegrounds against other players in the multiplayer mode. Continue reading to know more about Anime Battlegrounds X Codes.

The popularity of this game led the players to surpass 1 million visits. After the latest update in 2022, there are 90 fighters, and each of them has a unique ability that will be of significance in battlegrounds. It is a fighting genre game with a maximum of 12 multi-players allowed in the server of 9 arenas. There are more than 10k active players, and 22k players have added it as their favorite 3D world.

What is Pokemon TGC?

It is one of the greatest trading card platforms. On starting the game, every player gets rewarded with a simple deck. The deck can get used for fighting battles and winning more points. To become a professional player, you shall add more cards by buying them or winning them from other players. The developers bring in new characters to keep the interest of players. You can either challenge your friends or any random opponent from the server.

You can make your gameplay more exciting by adding some virtual assets and making microtransactions. The gaming app gets based on the motive of creating collection of cards and then utilizing it for fighting others. Win championships and battles to be the top player. The game organizes many tournaments and puts up prizes for winners.

Anime Battleground vs Pokemon TGC

The Pokemon trading game is the best platform in the cartoon category with cards. All the people who are fan of this genre must have played this game. There are multiple promocodes and decks that players use to get upper hand in the game. For all the fans of animation series, anime Battleground is the best option because of the famous characters and locations that players can explore.

Both the games are equally worth in their specific field. Anime Battleground is made with the view of the latest updates and roleplay. Pokemon TCG is a simple card game and there are not many updates and features to be added.


Are you wondering which game to choose? You should refer to the game that inhibits your favorite character. So if you are a fan of Naruto, then go for anime and if you like Pikachu, then go for Pokemon TCG.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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