Amazing Women’s Coach Wallet

Women’s Accordion Zip wallet

COACH began as a billfold and wallet company in 1941. The company is often seen as a specialist in bags and purses. It’s true that the company specializes in bags and purses, but it’s 2022 now. We’ve discovered that their dedication to quality Coach Wallet (including wristlets), hasn’t changed over the past 80+ years. Our team spent over 50 women’s COACH wallets, and we whittled down our favorites to ten.

The first wallet by COACH features their signature canvas, with a light-green panel at the top. Unzip the wallet and you will find enough space inside for an iPhone 13 (although they still refer to the iPhone X on the website, but the 13 is 0.12 inches shorter). There are 12 card slots for debit and credit cards, as well as two pockets for bills and a coin purse to prevent your spare change getting all over your bag.

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COACH Polished Leather Accordion Zip Wallet

The accordion-style wallet is made from a smooth, polished pebble leather. It has twelve credit card pockets inside. The wallet also has multi-function pockets that can hold receipts, business cards, and more.

A zippered coin pocket is located in the middle of the wallet to protect your spare change. The zipper also fully seals it. This wallet scores 10/10 for its intricate details and eight color options.

COACH Women’s Double Zip Pebbled Leather Wallet

This zippered wallet for women, also made from 100% leather, is designed by COACH and features a pebbled leather interior. You might be wondering what “pebbled” actually means. You can think of an elephant skin that is luxurious and has the smallest texture, both visually as well as to the touch. It’s super high quality.

You’ll see that the wallet is divided into two sections. The first section holds your cash/bills, as well as any debit or credit cards. This is extremely functional. You can also keep your phone and other personal items in the other half. The wallet also has a wrist strap that allows you to keep your phone and other personal items close at hand. This could be considered a wristlet.

COACH Signature Accordion Zip-Wallet in Light Khaki/Chalk

The COACH women’s wallet is easy to see. It comes in either a deep, rich black color or (pictured) a light khaki color. The wallet’s exterior is made of its signature coated canvas and has a leather strip trimming down the middle. This is where COACH is embodied. The wallet has twelve pockets for credit and debit cards, as well as a bill compartment and zippered coin pocket. It’s also a neutral color that can be used with any bag.

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COACH Signature Canvas and Leather Checkbook wallet

This wallet from COACH does not have a zipper on its exterior (like other wallets), but instead has a snap button that secures the wallet to the exterior. The wallet also includes COACH’s signature leather-coated canvas.

There are enough pockets for 12 credit and debit cards, enough space for a full-length bill compartment, enough room for a pen, a handy checkbook holder, and an ID window that can be seen through. This will save you time if you are asked if your age is over 21.

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