Alleged sale of young woman after gang rape in Uttar Pradesh

In Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India, an 18-year-old girl went out to invite herself to her wedding. At that time some people kidnapped him Allegedly, the girl was gang-raped after the abduction. He was then sold to a man in Madhya Pradesh.
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According to police, the victim alleged that she was first taken to a political leader. He was later forced to stay with another in Datia, a district near Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh.

According to the victim, she was abducted on April 18 by three youths from the village. He was going to invite on the occasion of his wedding on 21st April. After being kept in one place for the first few days, he was handed over to a political leader.

Police claim that the political leader kept the victim for some time and then sold it to a person in Datia district. The victim is forced to stay with the person against her will.

After staying with the man in Datia for some time, the victim somehow called his father and told him everything. The victim was later rescued from Pathari village with the help of police.

Tehrajuli Circle Officer (CO) Anuj Singh said cases of abduction, gang rape and sale had been registered on the basis of allegations of torture. The work of recording the statement of torture before the magistrate has also been completed. He also said that strict action will be taken against the accused. However, the police have not been able to arrest any of the accused so far.

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