All about CLSP program in international schools in Tokyo

The CLSP programs have gained much acceptance in the present times and are incorporated in international schools to prepare the students for their higher education. The international schools in Tokyo have also included the CLSP program to make their place in this competitive world. To know more about CLSP, read on.

All you need to know about CLSP

One of the curriculum activities that help students lay the foundation of their studies in the early years of education is the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP), which the Cambridge Assessment International Education mainly designs. This course material has been specially designed for the specific age group of 11-14 years. This curriculum program is made widely available in 2300 schools in more than 130 countries worldwide. The CLSP program is now regarded as one of the most prestigious curriculum programs which have got recognition worldwide for the said age group. The course mainly focuses on developing the students’ Maths, Science, and English before entering upper secondary school. The CLSP program encourages the students to use their learnings on real-life events. 

Benefits of CLSP in the international schools in Tokyo

The CLSP programs are widely recognized and implemented in the international schools in Tokyo to get themselves prepared for their higher education. There are several benefits of implementing CLSP in the international schools in Tokyo. 

  • Provides the student with a strong foundation: The extracurricular activities introduced in the CLSP program helps to build the foundation of the students and prepare them to enter the next section of their education career. It teaches them to be independent and think creatively to face the challenges in life. The CLSP program teaches some crucial values to the students that help them throughout their life. Thus, the CLSP program is an excellent program for your child in the academic sphere and vital for developing life skills and moral values in your child. 
  • Explore a wide range of subjects: The students are allowed to explore a wide range of topics which helps them to prepare themselves for the future educational level. The topics mainly included in the CLSP program for assisting the students of grades 6 and 7 in developing their skills are Maths, Science, ICT, Foreign Language, Digital Literacy, and English. The students of grades 8 and 9 are offered more challenging tasks and can explore the subjects of their interest and strengths. These subjects mainly include Economics, Business Studies, EVM and Design, and Technology. Thus the students learn a range of topics. Whether interested in science or liberal arts, the CLSP program ensures the students know the most critical topics. Such a practice helps in developing all-rounder students. The program also supports extracurricular activities
  • Focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in practical events: The CLSP course has been designed to implement the knowledge gathered in actual events. The course emphasizes gaining knowledge rather than memorizing. You might often face practical problems using concepts you theoretically learned in school. This difficulty is because most schools or degrees fail to teach you to implement these theories. However, the CLSP program aims for and ensures students can use what they learn in school. 


Here is our conclusion. The CLSP program is a crucial stage process that is part of the Cambridge program for helping the students build their skills and gather relevant knowledge. These competent skills equip them to stand out in higher education or even professionally on a global stage. By incorporating the CLSP program into your child’s curriculum, international schools in Tokyo prepare and pave the way for their pupils’ global experience.


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