Alcohol Limit: How much alcohol you drink daily causes less damage to the liver

The liver removes alcohol from the blood. Helps to purify the blood. So drinking too much alcohol puts extra strain on the liver. Drinking too much of the liver can cause severe damage to the liver cells. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to three main diseases. Fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. If fatty liver is detected in the early stages, the liver cells can usually be revived only after stopping drinking. Liver cirrhosis, on the other hand, is a deadly disease. This disease is called cancer.

But how much alcohol will quench the thirst and the loss will not be so much? Experts say the safe limit for drinking alcohol depends on multiple factors such as age, weight and gender. In particular, the amount of alcohol absorbed by women is higher than that of men. As a result, women who drink the same amount of alcohol are more likely to have liver damage. However, in general, drinking more than 1 unit daily in women and 2 units daily in men can be dangerous for the liver. In this case, a certain amount of drink is said to be single. This unit is one of a kind for one type of drink. In the case of beer, one unit means 341 ml. One unit of wine means 142 ml. A single whiskey means 30 ml of whiskey. That is, you need to measure one or two units daily as the drink you choose.

However, keep in mind that this measure is intended for a completely healthy person. If you have any liver problems, it is wise to stop drinking immediately. In addition, alcohol can be a risk factor for people with diabetes, circulatory problems and heart problems.

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