Al-Aqsa again attacked by Israeli police

Israeli police have again attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine. At least two Palestinians have been arrested in a raid on Sunday since last Friday. Khabar Al-Jazeera.

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Israeli police entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound during Fajr prayers this morning. Exactly two days ago, they arrested more than 100 people in a raid conducted in the same place.

Israeli authorities say they entered the mosque compound on Sunday to ensure that Jews could visit their holy site without hindrance. Authorities also claimed that Palestinians had set up barricades and pelted stones around the mosque compound.

Non-Muslims can enter the Al-Ulsar Mosque premises for 3 hours daily. On the eve of the starting period, the police conducted a campaign in the mosque.

It should be noted that Aqsa Mosque or Baitul Muqaddas is considered as the third holiest place for Muslims all over the world. And to the Jews it is known as Temple Mount. They also claim it as their holy place. The location of this mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.


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