After swimming, Arafat completed 160 km cycling, now the rest of the race

After swimming, Arafat completed 160 km cycling, now the rest of the race

Bangladeshi triathlete Mohammad Samshuzzaman Arafat has finished swimming and cycling at the Ironman World Championships in St. George, USA. Arafat took 5 hours 51 minutes and 44 seconds to complete the 160 km cycling. He started cycling at 8:19 in the morning. His average speed on a bicycle was a little over 31 kilometers per hour. This information was obtained from the official app Ironman Tracker of the competition (real time).

Now the last step of the Ironman World Championship race is left. With a five-and-a-half minute break, Arafat started the 42.2-kilometer race at 2:17 pm local time on Saturday. As soon as this is over, Arafat will be the first Bangladeshi to complete the challenge in the Ironman’s highest event, the World Championship.

Earlier on Saturday, he started swimming at 6:33:15 am local time and completed the scheduled 3.7 km swim at 8:12:28 am. Arafat finished the swim at 1 hour 9 minutes and took 1 minute 46 seconds per 100 meters. Arafat took 6 hours 8 minutes 12 seconds to cover the distance covered by swimming and cycling.

After swimming the first part of the Ironman Triathlon, Mohammad Samshuzzaman Arafat started cycling 160 km in just 7 minutes at 8:19:43.

After swimming, Arafat completed 160 km cycling, now the rest of the race

The Ironman World Championships kicked off at 7 am local time (7 pm Bangladesh time) on Saturday in St. George, Utah, USA. The toughest triathlon competition in swimming, running and cycling is ‘Ironman’. And the highest event of the Ironman competition is the World Championship. Mohammad Samsuzzaman Arafat is the first Bangladeshi to qualify for the event. Arafat is working in Bangladesh Bank.

Arriving in St. George on April 15, Arafat began rigorous training until last Thursday. “Friday was a rest,” he said in the first light before the competition. All are ready to win the World Championship challenge. This time the route has been made more difficult than other times, the organizers said. Hopefully, I will be able to fly the flag of Bangladesh at the finishing point of Ironman World Championship

About 3,600 athletes from different countries are taking part in this year’s event. Today, at the World Championships, a competitor has to complete 3.6 km of swimming, 160 km of cycling and 42.2 km of running in a time of 18 hours. Only then will he win the title of the highest level Irishman in the world.

Arafat’s rival number 1130 in the Ironman World Championship. Direct updates on the triathlon are available at and the Ironman Tracker website. Any contestant can be instantly known when, how far, what position they are in the app and website. He can be followed by writing the name of Samsuzzaman Arafat.

Triathletes are selected for the World Championships only after they have won multiple Ironman titles. It took Arafat three years to qualify for the World Championships.

Ironman Arafat completed the Ironman 80.3 World Championships (half the distance of the World Championships) in St. George’s on September 17 last year. Earlier, Arafat successfully completed the Ironman Malaysia 2016, the Ironman European Championship in Germany in 2019, the Ironman Malaysia and the Ironman 60.3 Challenge held in Thailand in 2020.

Prothom Alo is supporting Arafat as the main sponsor of this year’s Ironman World Championship. Co-sponsors are Dabur Hani, Bangladesh Finance Limited, Meghna Group of Industries (MGI), Honda Bangladesh-DHS Motors Limited and Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited.

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