Advantages of under counter freezers

underbench freezers

Cold storage units or underbench freezers are used by medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health-care facilities to store vaccinations, blood samples, pharmaceuticals, and prescriptions. These appliances are crucial because they prevent damage and contamination while also providing optimal conditions for extending the shelf life of these precious goods.

When medical facilities lose supplies owing to unstable storage conditions, they risk losing money, losing productivity, and putting patients’ lives in peril. Biological products, therefore, are extremely valuable to both scientists and patients and must be treated with extreme caution.

Because cold storage units are such large investments, you must be certain that you select one that is ideal for your medical facility’s needs and expectations. Despite the numerous options available, health-care stakeholders are increasingly opting for under-counter appliances. What is it about these varieties that is causing them to become so popular in laboratories and pharmacies?

Some of the benefits of undercounter medical refrigerators are as follows:

Space efficient

The most significant benefit of under-counter medical refrigerators is their ability to save space. In general, medical facilities have limited space, and the little that is provided must be utilised to the fullest extent possible in order for you to run efficiently. Because employees must be able to move and work freely without interruptions, space-saving refrigerators keep the working area from becoming awkward and congested.

underbench freezers

Under-counter medical refrigerators are a terrific way to save space and come in a variety of styles. They’re smaller than standard refrigerators, so they’ll fit in tighter spaces when you only need enough room to open the doors. Because refrigerator depth varies, you can select the one that best matches your storage needs.

Because of its low profile, establishment owners are spared the expense of constructing additional floor space to accommodate an under-counter refrigerator. The ability to fit beneath counters is critical for improving traffic flow in small locations.

Easily Accessible

An under-counter medical refrigerator offers convenient access to the products stocked inside it in a medical institution setting. Because it allows quick access in a compact space, it’s great for storing drugs and other commonly used products that you routinely use and re-refrigerate in the laboratory or pharmacy. Because they don’t require access to upper shelf products, they’re easy to open and close even for people who use mobility aids. Undercounter medical fridges allow you to provide effective service since they provide easy, quick, and secure access to stored supplies.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Medical refrigerators that fit under the counter are relatively new types that are energy star certified and hence environmentally beneficial. Investing in medical-grade equipment helps you lower your medical facility’s energy use. Furthermore, the materials utilised in the manufacture of under-counter refrigerators have a smaller environmental effect.

These devices provide convenience and value for money thanks to their compact size, energy efficiency, and dual functionality. In general, whether it’s a laboratory autoclave or a pharmacy, there are various expenses in a medical facility setting, so it’s important saving money where you can. You save money on electricity expenses and help the environment by using an under-counter refrigerator.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning a refrigerator is necessary to maintain sanitary standards. It ensures that the food you keep in the fridge is clear of contaminants. Cleaning freestanding models can be difficult, especially if they are used frequently. However, because of their location and dirt-resistant construction, under-counter models are simple to maintain.

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