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Advantages of timber look aluminium

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Advantages of Timber Look Aluminium

The appearance of wood aluminium combines the beauty and magnetism of natural wood with the elasticity, lightness, hardness, and durability of aluminium. In fact, it ranks first among unique and revolutionary building products. Having an aluminium batten ceiling system is a wonderful idea as it provides the highest fire-resistance and shade solutions Australia-wide and around the world. In other words, aluminium timber cladding has an inflammable structure and can be used in a variety of applications. Let us look at its advantages. Pickinlove Reviews Is Pickinlove Legit?

Why Choose Timber Look Aluminium?

As an interior lining or exterior cladding product, aluminium has a wide range of finishes and is frequently used on applications such as:

  • Facades
  • Soffits and interior walls
  • Transitions from inside to outside
  • Areas that require Group 1 rated or non-combustible materials.

Advantages of Timber Look Aluminium

Aluminium is non-combustible and meets Group 1 standards.

The main reason designers and architects will choose a timber look aluminium product is to meet fire compliance requirements. Aluminium is fire resistant to the highest standards and can be used in almost any application.

Aluminium is more powerful. 

When compared to wood, aluminium is much stronger and more resistant to movement. This allows for lengths of up to 6 metres and larger spacing between fixings, reducing visual disruption and speeding up installation.

Aluminium lining products are lighter and more resistant to movement.

Because of the hollow shape of the battens and the reduced thickness of the cladding boards, aluminium battens and cladding typically weigh significantly less than timber alternatives. As a result, the entire feature wall or ceiling weighs less and necessitates less structural support.

Timber products are also prone to movement due to factors such as moisture, whereas aluminium is highly resistant and will not warp or cup like timber.

Aluminium requires less upkeep.

Traditional timber facades require maintenance every 6-12 months when used externally, which may include re-coating depending on the desired outcome. This maintenance schedule can be reduced by using timber slat screens, which requires little to no upkeep. Timber aluminium does not require as much care as real wood.

Wood Finish Aluminium 

A thin vinyl coating is wrapped around the aluminium battens in the wood finish aluminium range. A photorealistic timber look pattern is printed on this coating to provide the timber aesthetic. There are multiple colours based on real wood types; however, on request, we can match existing colours or discuss any special requirements.

Exterior quality 

The ability to use our wood finish aluminium on both interior and exterior applications is its most significant advantage. The aluminium, the wrap layer, and the glue that holds it all together have all been thoroughly tested to ensure long-term performance.

Highly fade-resistant

When selecting a timber substitute, the ability of the coating to retain its colour is critical. Many designers prefer timber-look aluminium to avoid the natural greying process that wood undergoes. Long-term testing under simulated weather conditions shows that our Wood Finish Aluminium is up to three times more fade resistant than competitors’ wood grain powder coats.

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