Accused in the murder case of a young journalist killed in a ‘gunfight’ in Comilla

The main accused in the murder case of young journalist Mohiuddin Sarkar Naeem, who was killed in a gunfight with RAB in Comilla. RAB has confirmed that it is Raju. However, the identity of the slain youth was not confirmed by the RAB at the beginning of the incident.

DAD Kabir of RAB-11 told Dhaka Post that the youth who was killed in a ‘gunfight’ with RAB at Golabari border of the upazila was the main accused in the murder case of journalist Mohiuddin Sarkar Naeem. Raju. He is the son of Sadek Miah of Bishnupur village in Comilla Adarsh ​​Sadar upazila.

He further said that a group of terrorists exchanged fire with the RAB when they went to the Golabari border of Sadar upazila on Saturday night. At this time Raju was shot. He was later rescued and taken to Comilla Medical College Hospital where the on-duty doctor declared him dead at 2.15 pm.

Earlier, RAB-11’s Comilla company commander Major Mohammad Shakib told Dhaka Post that a group of terrorists exchanged fire with RAB. One terrorist was killed in the incident. A member of RAB was injured.

According to media reports, the person killed in the gunfight was Raju, the main accused in the murder case of Comilla journalist Mohiuddin Sarkar Naeem. Company Commander Major Mohammad Shakib said, However, the media which is quoting me and publishing news is their business. I did not give any information to anyone about this.

Journalist Mohiuddin Sarkar Naeem was shot dead in Hyderabad city of Rajapur union of Burichang upazila on April 13 at around 10 pm. Nazma Akhter, the mother of the deceased, filed a murder case on Thursday (April 14) night. Raju was made the main accused in the case.

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The deceased Mohiuddin was once active in journalism. Ananda was the upazila representative of TV and worked in a local daily newspaper. Suddenly he left journalism and started working as a source of law enforcement. He used to give secret information of drug smuggling at the Indian border to the law enforcement agencies at different times. Mohiuddin got involved in a dispute with Raju over this.

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