Abdelahad Amorid

Abdelahad Amorid is a 26-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur. His career started in Casablanca, Morocco where he grew up and attended Business School with a major in Marketing. However, his ultimate goal crystallized, once he started his post-graduate studies at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. While working on his Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and working either on a construction site or in an ice cream shop during the day – during the night, he started working on his dream: becoming a self-taught online entrepreneur.

As much information is handed to you online these days, Abdelahad was able to build a network and form his knowledge all by himself. Having a positive mindset and always being ambitious are his secrets to success. His hard work and dedication paid off. Today, four years later, he owns a 7-figure drop shipping business. Besides building an international network of online entrepreneurs and working with different partners, he also found his passion in supporting others in their journey.

One way of doing this was for him in starting his own Instagram account. There, he shares valuable information and his expertise. Also, numerous of his contacts are guests in his live sessions, in which anyone interested, can learn about suppliers or the newest software. As Abdelahad puts it, he likes to be a basis of help and support. Gaining more than fifteen thousand followers organically shows that his posts are useful and a source of inspiration. One feedback that Abdelahad hears often from his following is that it’s encouraging to see where you can get if you put your time and commitment to it.

Another option that Abdelahad discovered for himself and his followers was 1:1 mentoring sessions for aspirant drop shippers. He likes to have direct feedback and exchange with people who still have away in front of them. His mentees were able to achieve their goals within a few weeks, as he could help them with hands-on tips and tricks. He grants a 100% success rate. Also, preventing them from doing the same mistakes that he did, came in as a very valuable asset. That’s why his mentee places sold out within minutes.

Abdelahad is a welcome guest at national and international events. Understanding that his network is as much part of his job as is his computer with an Internet connection, worked as an accelerant. In attending events such as the Affiliate World in Dubai in 2022, his network grew, as did his following on Instagram.

Since Abdelahad knows that in his field of work, the only way is up – and there’s no end to it, he already set his new goal for the upcoming future. He wants to use his extensive knowledge in website building and Facebook ads, as well as supplier negotiation, to build a sustainable brand and hopefully, one day sell it to the highest bidder. Of course, this only gives him the chance to help even more people out there to ultimately achieve their own goals as well.

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