A young man was arrested with a knife in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in the United Kingdom

Police have detained a young man with stars in front of the UK Prime Minister’s residence White Hall. The 29-year-old man tried to attack two Defense Ministry police officers.

However, no casualties were reported due to the activities of the on-duty police personnel. The incident took place at 7.50am local time on Sunday, the London Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

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The statement said there was a parade of cavalry on the road in front of White Hall on Sunday. Shortly after the parade, the young man ran towards the two police officers with a knife in his hand.

London police did not reveal the name of the arrested youth. The London Metropolitan Police did not say exactly why he appeared in front of the Prime Minister’s house with a knife and attacked two police officers. A police statement said there was no evidence that the attackers had links to terrorists.

The area around White Hall has been under tight security for a long time since the incident. The detainee is currently in the custody of the London Metropolitan Police.

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