A violinist in Jabbar’s ball game


Salauddin said he comes to the fair every year with his favorite bamboo violin. Whatever you bring, everything is sold. He made the musical instrument. The price is about one hundred rupees. Inside the bag slung over Salauddin’s shoulder, there is still a stringed violin of about thirty.

Salauddin said in the first light, selling is not the main issue. He comes every year because he has the tradition of fair in his heart. But Corona took away the joy of two years. So it’s time to turn around.

Salauddin’s father and grandfather were also one-string violinists. They made the device with great care. From his father he learned the process of playing the violin and making it. It is made of thin bamboo sticks and wires. He has only one in it. At one end there is a round coating made of clay.

Salauddin said he had fled to different parts of the country. He sold a stringed violin at the fair. Many have liked. However, the people of Chittagong have preferred this musical instrument. For this reason, whether he was sold or not, he came to Balikhela and Baishakhi Mela.

The 113th three-day Abdul Jabbar Balikhela and Baishakhi Mela started on Sunday. However, more than a hundred vendors appeared before the start of the fair last Saturday. Preparations for sorting the products are going on till yesterday morning. In the morning there was not much crowd of buyers and visitors. The number of people has increased as the day progresses. In the afternoon, the fair of life was frozen.

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