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A Teeth Whitening Guide by Nashville Family Dentistry

Smile! The most beautiful accessory a human has. Bright, white teeth elevate the appearance of the smile. But not everybody has sparkling teeth. Worry not! Teeth Whitening procedures have come to the rescue. It is an elective procedure that boosts your confidence and elevates your smile. If you don’t need dental work like fillings and crowning, WQ is a perfect procedure to increase aesthetic appeal. The teeth whitening procedure also has its lows. Nashville family dentistry is here to discuss the highs and lows of teeth whitening to educate its customers. Let’s have a look.

Nashville Family Dentistry Guides you on Teeth Whitening

Before you settle for getting a teeth whitening treatment, Remember every treatment has its risks and advantages. Always decide while keeping that in mind.

Positive Aspects of Teeth Whitening

100* better than OTC Whitening gels

Going to a dentist is considered taboo. People only visit a dentist in case of an emergency or going through treatment. Thus they prefer OTC(Over the counter) whitening gels. They lighten your teeth but only by a few shades and have no comparison with the professional whitening treatment the best dentist in Nashville provides.

Whitening gels used by professional dentists have a higher concentration and better results, improving your teeth’ appearance with every application. Apart from that, a professional dentist will provide a customised solution depending on the shade of your teeth. As everyone’s natural tooth colour is different so using a customised solution, they can upgrade your teeth shade by 7 to 8 toes lighter.

Hence, if you want to brighten/whiten your teeth, visit the best dentist in Nashville and get your treatment started.

Say bye-bye to uneven whitening patterns

A one-fit whitening solution gives you splotchy teeth with various whitening shades. As these kits are generically produced, their effectiveness decreases considerably where customised whitening treatments and even home kit solutions provided by professional dentists give better results. These gels are applied evenly on each tooth, giving a bright smile after every application. However, bleaching out can depend on the location of the tooth. But an overall look will be immaculate for a few days.

Time-consuming procedures are off the hook

The best thing about professional whitening treatments is that they take less time and provide guaranteed results compared to the OTC(Over the counter) whitening gels. Professional whitening kits, if applied regularly, will provide white/ bright teeth within a designated time slot after removing the deepest of the stains. Even their walk-in treatments will give you results within 1 hour or more becoming an excellent choice for people with busy schedules or same-day events.

Time is money. A more efficient whitening system will mean you will spend less time applying the product and get better and faster results.

Professional whitening treatments are easy to maintain

With touch-up kits, one can easily give their teeth a professional touch-up. Though it is recommended to avoid drinking/ eating dark colour objects like tea, coffee etc., even if you do have to indulge in such kind of food/ drink, it is best to rinse your mouth immediately. This will help in reducing the damage as much as possible. Give yourself a touch-up every six months, and don’t forget to store the gel in a cool, dry place to prevent it from expiring soon.

Side Effects of the Whitening Treatment

You will experience increased tooth sensitivity

Ouch!  Are your teeth hurting after drinking something too cold or hot? Are you wondering if your teeth never hurt before getting a whitening treatment? Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is nothing wrong with your whitening treatment. Whereas the bad news is that tooth sensitivity is the side effect of getting a whitening treatment. Some people will simply feel an irritation, whereas, for others, the sensitivity will be high enough that it will be almost painful to consume hot or cold beverages.

Thank God various ways can help reduce the sensitivity, like using toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth and much more. It is recommended to discuss your course of action with the best dentist in Nashville before opting for the whitening treatment.

Keeping the above-mentioned pros and cons, one can always look into what kind of whitening treatments they are looking for.

Are you looking for the best dentist in Nashville?

Dillard Dental Services is considered the best dentist in Nashville, with affordable rates and quality services. Their in-home treatment kits and in-office whitening treatments generate excellent results giving you services worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can teeth whitening be harmful?

Ans: Generally, teeth whitening treatments are considered unharmful. Both professional treatments and OTC whitening gels have certain side effects like sensitivity, etc., which are considered temporary.

Q: What is the safest way to whiten teeth?

Ans: Professional dental whitening treatments are the safest and quickest way to get white bright teeth.

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