A Teachers Heart and Teachers Dignity

Science teacher Hridoy Mandal was released on bail last Sunday (April 10) after 19 days in jail. In the meantime, he is a popular character all over the country. There was no end to the sarcasm and insults directed at him by the online media. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A group of people also gathered for a ‘high level’ discussion on religion vs science through social media. In the last few years, in the name of insulting religion, a religious person has been thrown out of the mosque and burnt to death. The festival of minorities was disrupted by communal attacks. Many were killed in police firing in multiple incidents.

Even then, no one thoughtfully thought, did the heart circle really insult religion? Or is there something else behind it? No one even felt the need to listen to the record of his arguments with the students in the class. When one of them transcribed that debate, many came to their senses. Then one and a half to two weeks have passed. The court did not grant him bail even after applying twice.

In the end it was understood that he was the victim of a conspiracy. He has been framed by planning. Before that, the whole country was divided. We also saw strong attempts to create a communal issue. Many became engaged in the cultivation of hatred for and against. We also see many questions about the role of the media in this case.

Hridoy Chandra Mandal, Assistant Teacher, Binodpur Ramkumar High School, Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. The school was closed for two years due to Corona’s influence. There will be a first or second class after the school opens, with the students arguing with him in the class about religion and science. They recorded the argument on the cell phone, the teacher knew nothing. He even did classes as usual for the next two days.

What happened the next day is horrible. He says, ‘I didn’t see how many people attacked there, I was in the room. I could hear their screams. The next time the police came and took me away. My death was certain if the police did not do what they told me to do. I came out of the room and saw that there were many people with big sticks.

People were trying to kill me while the police were picking me up. He was throwing bricks. Many also try to get in the car. The police removed them. They chased me for about half a kilometer. ‘ In an interview with the Daily Star after being released on bail 19 days later, he described the horrific situation of that day in this way.

I talked to Hridoy Mandal on my mobile. I asked a lot of people about him, did you talk about religion in science class before? His answer is that he never said anything disrespectful to religion. He did not even teach the 10th class students in any previous class. Because, he always took classes in ninth-tenth class and the school was closed for the last two years due to Corona. As a result, he did not show much in class with these students.

There is a cycle involved with local ruling politics, religious influences and school financial irregularities. Some teachers, staff, some members of the managing committee and local influential people are associated with it. The issue of their fuel is coming up in the case of trapping the heart. The gang has harassed more than one teacher before.


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